Sophia Blessitt, Happy Sweet 16th Birthday! Jesus bless you.

Sophia Blessitt, Happy 16th Birthday today! You are a glorious daughter and true follower of Jesus with a great love for God, people and sharing Jesus with others. You are a powerful minister and a beautiful person, full of love, kindness and purpose. Sophia has traveled the world in 50 countries and island groups, making 278 airplane flights as she has traveled with us and the cross and gone on mission trips on her own. She plans to minster all around the world. Please pray for her. God bless you. You can share an encouraging comment with her here. Love, mom and dad. www.blessitt.com

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  1. God bless your family on this Gospel journey.

  2. Hello Arthur,

    This is Dewey Gidcumb. During the 1970’s my wife Judy and I worked with Leo Humphrey at the The Way in the French Quarter of New Orleans and remained close friends of his until the Lord called him home. Also, we are friends of Rob Taylor and ministered with him in Hattiesburg, MS when he was a Director with Child Evangelism Fellowship. We have followed your ministry through the years. Today we were reminded of you through a blog that Robert posted about his time traveling with you. Just thought that we would let you know that you have been an inspiration to us through the years.

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