Life Lessons A-Z

Antarctica and the Penguins!
Bangladesh: Overcoming Fear with Welcome in a Muslim Country
Czech Republic: Freedom: The Way of Destruction or Life
Denmark: “Blinded to the Cross”
East Timor: “When all is Lost”
France: “Hearing the Voice of the Lord”
Guinea & Guinea-Bissau: “Where are the Records Kept?”
Hebrides Islands: “Till the Storm Passes By”
India: “The Power of Nothing”
Japan: “The Struggle is the Triumph!”
Kiribati: “The Spirit is like the Wind”
Lithuania: “Lifting Up the Cross”
Maldives” “The Beauty of God & Nature”
Nicaragua: “The Enemy of Fear”
Okinawa: “The Hardest Place to lead People to Jesus!”
Pakistan-Afghanistan: “Making it, One Step at a Time!”
Qatar: “Staying Flexible”
Russia: “The War in the Mind”
St. Helena: “The God of Small Things”
Turkey: “Tourist or Witness?”
United States: “Do You Still Carry The Cross? (Juarez, Mexico)”
Vanuatu: “God is at Work!”
Wallis and Futuna: “Gifts of Love”
Yemen: “Cross Welcomed in Unexpected Places!”
Zanzibar: “Cross Carried in Every Nation & Major Island Group!”

World: “Animals in the Bible!”

“Suffering” Part 1

“Sufferings of Christ” Part 2

“Sufferings of Christians” Part 3

“Sufferings and Heartaches” Part 4

“Abba Father”

“Living in the Spirit”

“Heavenly Father: Our Father”

“Take up your cross and follow Jesus”

“Soul Winning”

“Walk in His Steps”

“You shall call His Name Jesus”

Arthur Blessitt 81st Birthday

The Way of the Cross!

“Rejoice in the Lord Always”

“Wasted Years”

“Wasted Years – Restored”

“Oh how I love Jesus”

“Jesus does the follow up”

“Be of Good Cheer” Jesus!

“Message from Jesus”