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Arthur Blessitt Sayings and Notes! Charis Bible College

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“At Mississippi College during a chapel service. I was greatly bored to see an old man setting on the stage to be our speaker. He walked slowly to the podium and held it to steady himself. I thought as young people he would be totally irrelevant. Then he began to share about his life as a missionary in China and being in prison for Christ with other missionaries and preachers. His face was aglow with the Glory of God. He was so peaceful and strong as he shared about his suffering and the suffering of followers of Jesus in that land. 

I could not hold back the tears and he concluded his talk by saying. 

“Jesus is worthy of your best or nothing at all.” 

“Jesus is worth following all the way are not worth following at all.”

At the end of that Chapel I did not got to my next class but rushed to my dorm room to be alone. I lay in the floor and prayed. “Jesus, I promise I will give you my best and I will go with you all the Way!!! I meant that! and have sought to live it.

“Again at Mississippi College I was struggling to understand and experience the Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit. One weekend my roommate was gone and most students. That night I lay in the floor and studied every scripture in the New Testament about the Holy Spirit. I knew the Holy Spirit was within me but that I needed to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I was not sure the words to say but I said to Jesus. “I may not have the right words but you know my heart. I want the Holy Spirit in me to Fill me and take control of my life right now.” The Glory of God flooded that room and my heart. The room was full of brightness. I was weeping and praising God. I knew I was filled with the Holy Spirit but now I need to learn to Walk in the Spirit.

I remember just as clearly as if it was last night. I said to Jesus, “I’ll be your garbage can. Any job you have that needs to be done and no one wants to do it. I volunteer! When you get to the bottom of the barrel and I’m the only one left…I volunteer! I’ll do anything you ask of me. I’ll go anywhere you want me to go.” 

Arthur Blessitt sayings! (I do not claim that all of these are original from me. Some are common and others I may have heard or read or created for the first time) But they are all very meaningful in my life in following Jesus. I pray they will bless and strengthen you as you follow Jesus.

*You must have ‘great faith’ someone said to me. ’No, I have great love’!

*Before I started carrying the cross I had great theology but then Jesus called me to ‘live’ it. Wow.

*“At the cross the worse of man met the best of God and there is Hope!”

*“How do you live a life of purpose and destiny, “One step at a time” Press always forward. Relentlessly. 

“Where should I Go? What should I Do? (when I was a little boy in the cotton fields. Jesus would say ‘Go 20 steps right, 10 left, etc” I ask ‘why, what are you doing to me?” “Teaching you to hear my voice and obey even if you don’t understand.”) (France, Anemia, etc) 

*“Not If, but How”

*“There are no Walls” (The walls are in your mind, ‘There is no Berlin Wall’ Jesus broke down the walls!!! Walls – external; Walls – internal;)

*I pray it never happens but should you ever stumble, “Fall into the Arms of Jesus” (When carrying the cross on the road sides I always know, should I stumble or fall, don’t fall left into the traffic but fall to the right away from the traffic, even if on a cliff….In life Fall into the Arms of Jesus!”

*“If in doubt, Do It” (Should it not be against the Bible or unlike Jesus)

*“Come to Jesus just as you Are” Jesus changes us from the inside out.”

*“I said to Jesus, ‘what are You doing to me? Jesus said “I’m grinding you to powder so I can blow you where I will.”

*”My unworthiness does not disqualify me from the call of God.”

*”If there is any glory it is for God, not me.”

*”The cross is good news!”

*“Circumstances don’t alter the call.” Jesus taught me that when I was in the hospital with my brain two weeks before I started out with the cross across America and the doctors said ‘no’ you can’t go.

*“I would rather die in the will of God than die outside of it”

*“I’d rather burn out than rust out”.

*”The most important thing you will ever do is whatever Jesus tells you to do next.” (You will either obedient or disobedient) 

*”How many of you wanna get loaded?…Then load up on a little Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John!”

*”How many of you wanna get high?…Then pray. You’ll go all the way to heaven!”

*”There is only one path, one way; the cross at the beginning, the end and all along the way”.

*”For those imprisoned or those who suffer for Christ unjustly comes the deep secrets of God.”

*(getting older) “I’m doing my best, trying to pace myself and still do the call of Jesus.”

*“Jesus is with me and I accept the struggle and pain as natural consequence of His call.”

*“Jesus has called me to live on the edge and had me walk a path through the worlds madness.”

*“I think that is one of my greatest accomplishments is adapting and yet not changing the unchanging mission of sharing Jesus unto salvation to one person and to the world.”

*When everything say “No, here comes Jesus!”

*Jesus told me many years ago “Give up you dreams”…. you are making idols of your dreams.” Laying on the ground in Basel, Switzerland I said I don’t think I can give them up but you can take them away. Jesus did and then He said to me “Let your dream be no bigger than the next person you meet.” I realized I had been looking beyond the now to the next or biggest or best… Now I seek to give the person in front of me ‘everything’, my attention, my concern, my love…

*“No means Go! Only one letters difference.”

*“Not if but How!”

*“Jesus…I am with you Always!!!!”

*“Minister, Jesus where you are…with whatever you have.”

*“To know and acknowledge my weakness is one of my greatest strengths.”

 *“Depend totally on Jesus.”

*“Laugh…at yourself….at others and if you can’t laugh… Cry! Let the tears flow but keep on loving.”

*“There is never defeat in doing the will of God.” 

*“Live in love, peace and forgiveness.” 

*“Don’t judge yourself by others.”

*“Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit; not the ideas, revelations or opinions of others.” 

*“See and experience the beauty in nature, others and most of all God.”

*“Your thoughts are who you really are. Be filled with the Holy Spirit.”

*“”Life’s struggles can either be stumbling blocks or stepping stones to growth.”

*“What someone says about someone else, often reveals more about the person speaking than the person spoken about.”

*“The way you treat the most violent and deranged person is the way you treat Jesus!”

*“I say the Name of Jesus over and over, even to the rhythm of walking. 

*Often I have people like army troops etc say the Name of Jesus and so often people begin to weep and everything changes.

*“Whatever the price; I have chosen to be a cross bearer of Jesus.”

*“We are saved to share Jesus, not simply to wait until Jesus comes to receive us.”

*“Sharing Jesus with others or witnessing should be an overflow of love and expression from a life now in Jesus.”

*“For those who have been crushed in lost love and betrayed, they have learned dimensions of love, unknown to many.”

*“Struggle is a necessary part of life. We want to flee it, find somewhere to escape it, make believe it is not there, but struggle is…inescapable.”

*“The holy are thrown into the conflict, not taken from it. The blessed are those who perhaps struggle the most, who perhaps endure the most trying times.”

*“To get, is easy to do. To get, does not make strong disciples. An army does not train for combat laying at the beach.”

*“There is only one path, One way…the cross is at the beginning, and the end, and all along the way. You must carry the cross you picked up at the start.”

*Some would have us believe that by saying the proper term, with enough faith, then struggle ceases. But this has never been true.”

*“I’ve carried the cross so far it has physically shaped my body with over one inch of bone growth on my right shoulder blade. 

As Paul said ‘I carrying in my body the Marks of Jesus’…the marks of the cross.

“From now on let no one cause me trouble, for I bear on my body the marks of Jesus.” Galatians 6:17 But the profound question is…What has it done to my heart? Am I shaped more in the image of my Lord Jesus? Has it’s weight changed me to look more and be more like Jesus than when I first began?”

I want to open my heart and share my soul with you. Having followed Jesus from a child to now a old man…

So many years….

So many miles….

So many faces….

So many places…

So many challenges!

So much that I will not speak about!

So many tears and sorrows!

So much glory!

So many steps! 

So much love!

So many dreams!

So much reality!

So close to Jesus!

So full of the Holy Spirit!

So wonderful walking with the Father!

So near to death along the roads of the world!

So thrilling to do the impossible!

So awesome to walk in places where only angels would walk.

So long the days!

So long some nights!

So full of sorrow as Jesus convicts me of my sins.

So wonderful to know my sins are washed away by the Blood of Jesus.

So much peace and delight!

So full my soul!

So full of the wonders of the world!

So thrilling to lay by the still waters!

So daring to carry the cross through the valley of the shadow of death!

So full to over flowing with love as the crowds curse! 

So wonderful beyond words to hear one sinner pray!

So awesome to be able to preach the Gospel of Jesus and the Cross!

So beautiful the people of the world even with many so wounded and lost!

So at home in unknown places!

So at peace on the roads of the world.

So happy I cannot express it!

So beyond the normal that I live in another world with other values!

So bored with chit chat, anger and greed!

So gone…even as I’m here.

So these days I feel like I’m finishing up, packing for a long trip!

So long to this world!

So I will do my final walk and mission!

So much a stranger and pilgrim!

So in need of nothing more than being a blessing to others.

So aware that in only a short time I will be just a distant memory…then gone from earthly memories and all that matters then is God! Eternity!

So don’t try to hold me back!

So let me fly and rise into the glorious arms of Jesus awaiting me.

So I will be gone soon…I said that when I was in my 20’s, 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s and 70’s….Ha. This has gotta end! I’m smiling. 

So I’m not gone yet. Ha.

So I’m still a radical pilgrim follower of Jesus. Always have been and will always be as long as I walk this earth. 

So I’m just a left over Jesus Freak from the 60’s.

So much a part of the Jesus Movement in the early 70’s.

So today I spoke at a school and it was glorious.

So God has given me another day and I had a wonderful time.

So I enjoy preparing my message for live streaming with Denise.

So thrilling to study the Bible and search the Hebrew and Greek for Truth.

So the weather is changing and I can feel it in my knee. Pain. Ha.

So I go on…to face life in the Presence of Jesus. 

So don’t count me out…I’m not dead yet! 🙂

So another thing, I never have wanted to be the head of anything. 

So I don’t want to lead anything…but souls to Jesus!

So blessed to be called by Jesus to carry the cross and point others to Him.

So I seek to carry the cross well, shoulders back, head up, feet straight.

So I know only the call of Jesus makes me worthy to carry the cross.

So It’s all for Jesus that I lift up the cross and for others and for the lost.

So just let me live and pass in peace. 

So I think I can see… not too far ahead… the end of the road for me and the glow of Glory. Angels are near and soon I shall see the Face of Jesus again!!!

I desire to be free to go…to glow…to show…to tell the world of Jesus and to see the cross unrestrained in the world. 

I don’t know what words I can say more than what I have spoken except to say that I am a simple follower of Jesus that delights in following the Voice of His Spirit. So when He tells me to do something I don’t delay or debate but seek to obey. Then I give my all. 

I seek to follow Jesus and not man. Therefore in struggle I am never forsaken like in the jungle. Jesus is with me and I accept the struggle and pain as natural consequence of His call. I have traveled, walked this earth with a 12 foot cross. It is not normal nor understood by most. 

To be cut off in the jungle from human support allows me to experience total dependence on my Lord God. To learn from Him and know joy in the face of death.

Jesus has called me to the edge and had me walk a path through the worlds madness.

Jesus told me a few years ago. “I’m slowing you down to speed you up.” I did not understand that when He spoke it to me but now I do. Through the internet and social media and our websites we are reaching more people than ever ‘as’ I carry the cross and witness to the people I meet. My aging has slowed me down but speeded up the witness.“

It’s so awesome and unreal that Denise Irja Blessitt is my wife. My eyes are always searching for her…that smile…that passion for Jesus…that love for people…that fearless determination to do the will of Jesus and go where ever He leads us.

She is strong but tender. Unshakable in her passion for Jesus and the Truth of the Word of God in the Bible. She hears Jesus like no one I’ve ever known. She is like a fine artist. She paints life and hangs her works on the walls of heaven. 

Her love for me is has no bounds. She is always looking after me, trying to see in advance what is coming and making the path clear for me. She is fearless in the face of the greatest dangers. 

She is beautiful inside and out. She to me is God’s masterpiece. I’ve never want to be out of her presence. We live together, we work together, we walk together, we think as one and we are one radically wild couple. 

We have faced wars, dangers, kidnaping, hate, betrayal, evil and yet we smile and walk on with Jesus facing life and the world in the power of the Holy Spirit. God likes us!!! I would not want to mess with what God likes.

I want to honestly speak the truth. I know I could not have made it to and through every nation and major island group on earth without Denise. Jesus had mercy and grace for me and provided her in my life to be my companion and love along the journey. She has driven before me, preparing the way for me and the cross. Facing dangers and even death alone up the road waiting for me to arrive with the cross. The Hand of God is upon her and as she smiles and gives out Jesus stickers to the world’s toughest gunman and bad guys they change and receive her and they greet me with big smiles and want photos with my wife. Somehow with the favor of God instead of killing us or harming us almost all the time they wind up accepting and welcoming us. A true miracle. 

*Will I see tomorrows dawn?

Will I breath the air of this earth?


Will I be dancing with angels

and beholding the Face of God?

I’ve climbed to the top of the long winding road. Looked beyond and saw the Glory. The sweat and tears, the joys and the pains. All seem to blend in the amazing love of Jesus. 

The cross is my road companion and we grow old together walking in the Shadow of the Presence of God. The cross needs some repairs with chips gone and bangs from the roads. My body has endured the longest walk in history and cries out for eternal rest. But we press on together with a smile. 

I am at peace! At rest! Just like as a child coming in from the field I could smell mothers supper cooking. Oh, I long for that smell again. But with each passing step with the cross and words of the message of Jesus it seems like I can smell the aroma of heaven and see through the early morning fog the end and the new beginning. 

I lay all at the foot of the cross and walk away holding hands with Jesus. You can’t rob me…I give it to you. You can’t kill me, I’m already dead. Slander will not effect me because I have no reputation to uphold.

I’ve always been a free radical spirit in love with Jesus and people. There is a time, God’s time. I can hear the clock ticking. There is no fear as I see the sun rays of the evening sunset. 

*If you are looking for perfection, then just read the Words of Jesus in the New Testament of the Bible. I’m only a pilgrim that has and is still on a journey with Jesus. He is constantly working on me like a potter does the clay.”

*Call for people to be sure of their salvation. Time to pray as people repent and invite Jesus into their lives as Savior and Lord. To confess Jesus openly.

*Call to preach, to missions, to evangelism or full time ministry. To stand and make a public commitment.

*As I carry the cross here is a Link to some of my “Favorite Scriptures”

*This message outline is posted on our ministry website homepage: www.blessitt.com 

*There is a table with a display of the books and videos and materials at the front. https://blessitt.com/store/

For second class. “I’ve found it is often easer to lead a person to Jesus and get them to witness than to try to get a person that has been a Christian for years to unlearn and then learn how to share Jesus. 

Pilgrim followers of Jesus, Arthur, Denise and Sophia Blessitt, Luke 18:1

Message notes by Arthur Blessitt, at Charis Bible College, Woodland Park, Colorado. Andrew Wommack Ministries. Monday April 22, 2019  I respect and honor Andrew as a true and real man of God and follower of Jesus. He is a wonderful friend and Jesus is using him in mighty and historic ways around the world. Jesus bless Andrew and Jamie! Heaven rejoices. A humble and strong man and woman of God.

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