The Cross Bearer Chapter-10

The Cross Wearisome
Chapter 10

“You did not run well; who did hinder you?”
The Apostle Paul


Our traveler had not gone very far on his path carrying his cross when I beheld him deliberately taking it down from his shoulder and setting it aside as a load he was not willing to carry.

But that ever watchful, faithful Lord, who had begun to lead him in the way of life, was evidently not willing to leave him in that condition. Gently approaching this unfaithful disciple with a kind but reproving look, the Master addressed him:

Lord: “What! Can you not bear your cross one brief hour?”

Disciple: “Lord, I have found my strength insufficient for this hard service.”

Lord: “What is it then that has been so hard?”

Disciple: “I have a great many uncomfortable burdens. Many who have no faith in God, never pray, are much more comfortable than I am.”

Lord: “But my child, did I not though rich, become poor for you?”

Disciple: “I know that, my Savior. But then I found so many sacrifices required that I have concluded at last, I must stop and rest, for a while at least.”

Lord: “Oh, foolish and ungrateful child. Did you think it possible to share My crown by shunning My cross? Do you think I ever lay one unnecessary burden on one of My followers? It is only by patient fellowship in My sufferings, by enduring to the end, that you can enter into intimate fellowship with Me.”