Foot and Leg Pain!

Feet are engineering marvels of God.
Each foot is a complex structure of:
26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles and more than 250,000 sweat glands.

Our feet carry us up to 10,000 steps a day,
More than three million paces a year,
75,000 miles by the age of 50,
115,000 miles in the average lifetime.

Now you can say, “no wonder my feet hurt!”

I have walked with the cross around the world in now 315 nations, island groups and territories for a distance of over 38,102 miles, which is about 76,000,000 steps. This is in addition to the above. I just wanted to add this to let you know that I know a bit about the subject at hand: walking!

Walking is considered in the U.S. to be the most popular or the second most popular sport with about 80 million people doing it on a regular basis.

A few tips for your feet and legs.

1. One size does not fit all! Unlike some caps, with shoes one size does not fit all.
Message: In life most of you like music, however some like it soft and quiet others like it hard and rock. Some like short sermons and others long messages. Some of us like order and tradition, others like the spontaneous. Some like big churches, others small ones. Some like screaming preachers, others more mellow thoughtful sermons. Should you be going to a church and feel you just don’t fit, perhaps there is nothing wrong with you at all. The church and pastor just do not fit you. Don’t fight and cause problems. Just move on in love and find a church that ‘fits’. If not, the wrong fit will be a constant irritant.

2. Are you walking correctly? I would invite you to check out my website link “Adventure Walking and Travel Tips.”
Here is a very important tip. Should you not be walking in a correct manner you will have problems. Both feet should point straight forward when walking. Not turned inward or outward. Look at your steps and check them. Should you not be walking straight you will be putting a strain on your ankles, knees and hips. Twisting them as you step. In time this will cause big problems.
Message: Should you not be walking in a spiritually correct manner in time it will cause big problems in your life. When things are out of order it will cause pain and loss of power.

3. Things are too tight and restricting. I was given a pair of shoes by a major shoe company to road test a few years ago. After we were gone in the South Pacific I discovered that they were too big. As I went up and down mountains and hills I had to tighten the laces to keep my foot from sliding in the shoe. I did not realize the problem I was causing. My foot began to swell and pain me at the top of the arch. I discovered that I had inflamed the top tendons. It took months to get over the problem.
Message: Some of us minister best in a very controlled environment like a church staff or in a large ministry. Others of us need freedom and few restrictions. I would be in the latter group. What I am saying is don’t cramp your style. Some of you are like the wind of God and not like a fortress of God. You need space. Others need structure. Be free to be yourself in the will and power of God.

4. Anything that rubs the foot will in time cause problems. There is the story of a farmer who needed a new pair of shoes. He ordered them from a mail order company. He put them on and wore them to the field. When he returned home his wife saw two big holes in each shoe near the small toes. “What did you do to those expensive shoes, you ruined them.” “Oh, no” he replied with a big smile. “Why each hole is worth more than the price of the shoes!” When your feet are rubbing and blistering you must get relief. I have all the shoes I have worn on the cross walk around the world. Several pairs have holes that I cut in them. I discovered they were too tight. Better to cut the shoe than hurt the foot.
Message: Be yourself in Christ. Some things are fine for some but too confining for you. Just look at Jesus and follow Him. This is indeed radical but glorious.
Tips for buying shoes at: http://www.arthurblessitt.com.php56-1.ord1-1.websitetestlink.com/adventure/shoes.html

5. Pain free. I have walked around the world and at the age of 62 I am pain free and do not have a bunion or callus. Jesus did it. Never felt better in my life. I suggest you check out the links in the paragraphs above. Also it is very important what you put in your body. Too much sugar, pork and junk food can cause great damage to one’s body. Lose that excess weight and eat healthy. Pray and use reason and knowledge to help your body operate the way it was meant too in health.
Message: You can live with peace love and blessings in your heart and life. You do not need to be in pain and crippled in your daily life. Get things in order in your heart and mind and your body will follow.

God bless you. I care for those of you with back and leg pain. My dear mother is now 94 years old. Her mind is sharp but her feet and legs give her constant pain. She was a RN nurse and walked so many miles for others. Yet she suffers. I pray in a very healthy was this column will bring healing and relief and prevent years of pain and suffering. Also in your heart I pray this will encourage you to get every thing lined up with the will of God.

Peace, love and blessing,

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1