Extreme Makeover!

At this time it is very popular on TV in many nations the various programs about having an extreme makeover. There is a man or a woman who is unhappy with their looks in some way and has a makeover. They may get new teeth, a different shaped nose, liposuction for the hips, a tummy tuck, a face lift, a chin resizing, breast reduction or enlargement, etc. Then you see the before and the after!

Twice my front teeth were wearing away and turning a different color. I have had bonding on my teeth. They look just as they did. I did not want a change but just to stay the same. I felt much better afterwards and am very pleased.

Many of you have had some sort of cosmetic change done to your body or would like to get it done.

Now I am not critical of this but you will see it does make a point.

Whatever the change it is still you!

We can loose our wrinkles or fat or sagging parts. We can change the outward appearance and that may even make you feel better about yourself.


Whatever the change on the outside the heart is still the same.

Often I think most of us try to reform in certain areas of their lives. Time and again we face failure because this is self-effort of forcing ourselves to ‘do’ the right thing.

True victory comes from a ‘changed’ heart!

With true change from the heart there is no inner conflict. The desire is gone. No battle now for the desire has changed.

The Bible speaks of ‘heart’ change by the Power of God. By the transformation Jesus makes in the heart. By the new nature that the Holy Spirit brings with new desires and passions.

You can ‘look good’ at church. You can carry your Bible, put a Jesus bumper sticker on your car, say ‘Amen’ at the right time and look ‘holy’ but what about your heart in the eyes of God.

I cannot fool God! God knows me and my heart and mind and deepest desire and impulses. To Him I must give account. Jesus is my Judge that I cannot escape.

I could give dozens of scriptures on this subject but I think I will just leave this as it is. You clearly get the point.

Real change comes from within!

Jesus is waiting and willing to forgive and change you. This change will be real and lasting and with it the desires change and the Love of God will flow forth from within you.

Come to Jesus and have a ‘Real Makeover’!

God bless you.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt

Luke 18:1