Reality of Purpose or the Frustration of Achievement Part 4 “A Company of Friends”

In a surprising way your friends could be the worst enemy for you to achieve the purpose and call of Jesus in your life.

The people around you are vital to doing the will of God.

You are better alone than being in the company of skeptics, critical and rigid Christians. If you are not careful these people will talk you out of your calling. They will bring up all the possible dire things that could happen. This group will explain to you how you cannot do what Jesus has called you to do. They will quench your fire and dampen your spirit and create fear.

Remember Job’s comforters!

Does one need counsel? The answer is yes! Just be careful who those people are.

For me I have been blessed with some wise men and women of God in my life and calling. I have had a small group of people that have been Godly and wise close to me. When I went to college several very Godly men came into my life and stayed with me in counsel, prayer and advice. Two of these stayed with me as friends or board members for decades. God brought other people into my life that have stood with me through the years.

My pastors Rev. Gwen and Norma Turner have been my pastors and served on my board of directors since I was in Hollywood and all the time through this cross walk around the world. Pastor Turner is a powerful man of God along with his wife. They are solid in the Word and open to the Holy Spirit and Jesus focused. This is the type of people I have as personal friends. I have a few people that I fully trust and they can be honest with me and me with them. We are committed to each other and to the call of Jesus on earth. We are free and loving.

They can call me anytime about anything and I can do the same to them. This is a treasure. They believe in me and believe in God’s call. We only seek to bring to pass the mission of Jesus. This is great and glorious.

My children can be honest and open with me. They are best friends and advisers. What wonderful love we share.

My wife Denise gives honest and caring and Godly advice and direction. We work as a team in every way. She is a treasure beyond words. She helps perfect me.

My mother and dad always supported the call of Jesus in my life yet they could express any opinion and advice.

What I know about my friends is that they support the vision and give advice and support to bring it to pass. They can say how they don’t think something is a good idea. However they offer another way to get things done. We discuss and pray about it. Often their idea is what the will of God is. We have no egos or pride. Just care to know and do the will of God.

This is a great help to me. Through the filter of men and women of God close to me I am helped and made better. I am better because of them

A relationship where close friends are willing and able to give opinions that may differ from yours are vital for wise advice. When two or more share the same desire but come with different points of view it helps one see the entire picture better. There have been close friends who have shared an idea that I did not think was right or would work. Then after prayer and a few days of thinking I would call them back and say, “You are right.” That has also happened the other way also.
Yet I have also had close friends share advice and when after hearing their opinion and praying I made another decision they were deeply offended. All you can do is just move on, forgive and stay focused on your call and mission. Some will stay with you through the years and others will fade to the sidelines but you can never stop short of the calling of Jesus.
The great key with friends is to know who truly believes in you and supports you and is there to help you. You may disagree on some details but not on the common purpose.

Who you surround yourself with will greatly determine the outcome of your calling. I’m not talking about money or influence but greater than that…friendship.

Jesus said in John 15:15 “I call you friend”! You always have Jesus even when almost everyone else has left you.

Don’t concern yourself with how many friends you have but what type of friends.

Should you have even a handful of true friends you can completely trust and be open with that are Godly and pure in motive and that love you…you are truly blessed.

But may I add that a ‘friend’ can also be the person who hurts you the most when they turn on you or betray you. Jesus experienced this. But we must never let hurts cause one to build walls about our heart and emotions and love. Forgive and press on. Love!

There are also friends that are financial supporters. By their giving and support and prayers they have become full partners in the mission of carrying the cross in every nation and major island group on earth. They send checks and write me and call and pray. They are a mighty team of prayer. They have truly prayed us around the world. Without them this mission could not be accomplished. They are as much in the will of God as I am.

So I encourage you to slowly build relationships and friendships that will help and develop you in doing the will of God.

It is also important for you to be a friend and supporter of others. The same that you desire for yourself should be your desire to help others dreams come true and for them to do the will of God.

I say thanks to my friends. Most do not know each other but together we are one powerful and beautiful team.

Don’t try to push someone into being a friend or supporter. Let it come naturally or not at all.

Remember you can only have a few real friends and counselors. One just does not have enough time to be intimate with many people. We must be careful that we have time and space to live and function.

As we leave on a crosswalk trip overseas now and I look back on hundreds of trips in the past years I think of my friends and supporters and tears fill my eyes. I love them dearly and thank them for loving us and standing together with us in the ministry of Jesus and service to others.

What a beautiful treasure and pleasure it is to have real friends helping you to be the best you can be and helping you on your journey in life to answer the call of Jesus.

A good place to start is by helping someone else’s dream and calling come to pass. Then God will put a team around you to also support your calling.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1