To Die is Gain!

“Christ will be glorified in my body, whether by life or by death For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain”
Philippians 1:20-21

What a stunning statement this is ‘to die is gain’.

I love it.

We were conceived in the body, lived in our mother’s womb and have lived all our lives in this human flesh that is uniquely yours. All you have ever know and experienced has been in your body. Ones mind of course is within the body.

We breathe and eat and drink and within our body are our own mind, spirit, and soul.

We touch, taste, feel, love, dream, pray, learn, experience etc. all in this life that we live.

“But to Die is Gain”?


How could this be?

Because no matter what wonderful experiences and expressions you may have in this life it pales in comparison to knowing Christ in this life and then being in His Glorious Presence for all eternity in heaven.

Oh I know there are people that think when one desires to be in heaven they are trying to escape this world not caring for people here. Not true. People that know personally the Lord Jesus follow Him and we seek to love and care for others here as He did. We love God and love others.

Yet, in this column I just am looking at the point ‘to die is gain’.

First see that Paul was saying that now his life was Christ! He was following Jesus and His way and living in His Presence.

However for me death is my next great and glorious step is move into eternity from the realm of time. There have been times when I faced death in a very real way in my walk around the world with the cross. When I came out alive I must say I was a bit disappointed. Ha
I will now have to get to deaths door again. Someday it will open for me and the angels take me into heaven.

When I saw Jesus at Lake Tahoe years ago (you can read it in ‘Arthur a Pilgrim’ book on this website) one of the greatest impacts in my life was the realization that all death is, is stepping out of this body into the glorious Presence of Jesus. It freed me from trying to hang on to this life but to totally give my life now in Christ knowing that no matter what happens I am but one breath or moment from His Glorious Presence for all eternity. The Glory of Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit awaits the follower of Jesus.

This is why Paul could pen these words from God.

When my moment comes don’t try to keep me here. I’m ready to go but until then I’m ready to live for Christ and others now.

I go forward. My end is nearer than when I started in 1940! Glory

I love to live and I am ready to depart. Whatever God wills.

Will death be gain for you? Have you been saved and washed in the Blood of Jesus through faith in Christ and repentance of sins? If not then death is not gain but total loss. No matter what you have done that is good and honorable in this life should you miss Jesus you will miss eternal life in Him. That is the words of Jesus and the Holy Scripture.

Welcome Jesus in your life. Follow Him and live for Him and others and you will be ready to depart when that moment comes.

Now I don’t have a passion to die but I know that day is coming. I pray I live that moment in the glorious Presence of Jesus and make the earthly exit well in the power of the Holy Spirit. As Jesus has given me grace in life and faith to face many difficult things, so He will be faithful in death to give me the strength to ‘die well’.

When you hear that my time of departure has happened, celebrate with me for it was gain!

God bless you, live well and die well. Jesus will see you through.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt

Luke 18:1