Positions of Prayer (Part 6) Praying Always

“Then He (Jesus) spoke a parable to them,

that people always ought to pray and not to faint.’

(Luke 18:1 in the Holy Bible)

“Pray without ceasing.’

(1Thessalonians 5:17 in the Holy Bible)

Well, I finally reach the last of this long and wonderful series of columns on the subject of ‘Positions of Prayer’. I suggest you print them off and put them in a study folder. This is surely a great subject of a Bible quiz. Ha.

In this column I want to make several comments.

We have looked at the number of times we find people praying in different positions of their bodies. Yet time and again in the Bible people are praying and it is never mentioned in what position they were in.

In the above scriptures as well in many other places we are instructed to be in a state of prayer at all times. The word ‘always’ in Luke 18:1 means ‘at all times’. So we are to be praying at all times. I know I am repeating myself but it is very important to understand what Jesus is saying.

Now let’s combine the above with ‘pray without ceasing’ and you begin to see the point even more clearly.

Strong’s Definitions:

89 adialeiptos (ad-ee-al-ipe’-toce);

adverb from 88; uninterruptedly , i.e. without omission (on an appropriate occasion):

King James Version of the Bible translates it as: ‘without ceasing.’

We are to pray ‘at all times, uninterruptedly’!

Now how are we to do this? At first glance it seems impossible. How do we live a life and yet pray all the time?

For me I think of it this way:

Imagine you are driving in your car along the highway on a long trip of many hours or days. You and your wife or husband are in the front seat. As you drive along you are talking for a while then fall silent. One of you sees something interesting and you speak about it. The other person may or may not have a comment. Then something comes to mind and you discuss it for a while and again fall silent. This continues all day and into the night. Sometimes you stop for gas or food or to sleep but on and off you are talking and enjoying the presence of each other. You are in love and thrilled and blessed to be together. Sometimes you touch but often you are just happy to be near each other on this long journey.

When you speak you do not introduce yourself, “This is Arthur Blessitt speaking to my wife Denise and then after speaking say ‘goodbye’. “Where are you going? We are in this car together going 70 mph down the highway?’ Now I think you are getting the point.

On this journey you are together the two of you in one car. You are in the presence of each other. Sometimes you speak but do not say goodbye. You begin a conversation with out introduction. You are with each other and aware of each other’s presence and welcoming of it.

This is the way I see praying ‘at all times, uninterruptedly’.

I am on a journey with Jesus! The Holy Spirit of God is in me. The Father loves me and cares to speak with me and is open to my words and love and worship. Jesus is leading my life and I am following Him.

I am never alone!

We are in sweet and glorious fellowship all the time. At times Jesus speaks to me. “Turn that way, stop here, go there, see that need, give this, help that person, witness to them, I love you, I am happy to be with you’¦ on and on I could go.

We are responding back, thank you Jesus, oh, what a beautiful valley there, what a lovely person you made, show me Your way, I worship You my Lord and my God, forgive me of these thoughts, give me Your thoughts and desires’¦ on and on we could go.

At all times you are aware of the Presence of God. Sometimes you are actively speaking but you are always open for communication with the Lord. In your heart and in your mind you never say ‘goodbye’ to God. You are living in His Presence! Always in a condition to speak or be spoken too and at all times enjoying the Presence of the Lord! You are living and praying at all times and uninterruptedly! Glory!

You are living a life in open prayer. You may be walking or running or driving or taking a shower or driving or working or talking but you are aware of the Presence of God and open for Him to speak at anytime or for you to speak with Him at any moment but even in between words you are in His Presence and enjoying Him and are blessed and thrilled with this unending relationship of prayer.

In this you now cover every position you may ever find yourself in. I have prayed in the car I was driving as it was rolling over and over in an accident. I have prayed as I stood before a firing squad. I have prayed as I was beaten with sticks. I have prayed as I lay sea sick as the ship went up and down for three days going to Antarctica. I have prayed in dangers and places of prominence. I have prayed lying in the jungle and desert and in a comfortable bed. Wherever I am, I am praying! Should be the same for you.

Now that you understand this perhaps a bit better then you never have to stop and pray. You are praying as you go! Ha.

As you begin to develop this idea of always praying then you never are not at prayer. In this you are strong. Jesus said that we were not to faint or be weary. This constant prayer is the strength for our lives. Always and never ending.

Oh, sure this prayer takes many forms. Praying alone, praying with your wife or husband or children, or praying in church or in a prayer meeting, etc. But just always pray!

Should you not have read the other columns on the positions of prayer I suggest you go back and read them.

I now want to give you a sample of the e-mails of people who have given me their comments on the positions of prayer.

“The most exciting place to pray, however, is when I have a chance to walk in the middle of the night in complete darkness in the woods without a flashlight. I have to slow down because if I do not I will stumble and fall. (I would not recommend this approach to women. There are too many crazy people out there. Then again who will be crazy enough to walk in pitch darkness in the forest while praying.) While walking in darkness I do not have to worry about other people it is just God and I. For me it has also been God preparing me for his call to use me as a tool to do impossible things. I believe that in life we try to sometimes plan too far ahead and we loose the ability to live one day at a time. One of many things that walking in the woods at night has taught me is to just take one step at a time. All we need to focus on is God’s guidance for today. When you are totally surrounded by darkness, walking, it is amazing how focused you are on God and how God will speak to you in many different ways.’

The key is to pray in whatever position you are in PRAY! ALWAYS!

A pilgrim follower of Jesus,

Arthur Blessitt, Editor

Luke 18:1