The Way of the Cross Goes On!

The Message of the Cross and how Jesus shed His Holy Pure Blood for our sins ‘must’ be proclaimed in all the world. How will the world know without a messenger (Witness)? Will you join me in saying to God “Here am I, Send me!!!!” The world will know of the Resurrection of Jesus from […]

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The Jesus Movement and the New Jesus Movement.

The Jesus Movement did not begin in the the late ’60s nor did it die in the mid ’70s. It began with Jesus and is still moving! It has never stopped.  For those who say the Jesus Movement died out I would say that it may have died out of many peoples lives when they […]

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Our Beloved Windsor Died

Our beloved Windsor died Tuesday 5th March 2019 in Denise’s arms. He was our best friend and we’ll miss him always. What a blessing in our lives for 17 years and 11 months! There is a big empty spot in our home and our hearts. He appeared on many of our live streams as he […]

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