Don’t Lose the Joy!

In America you may hear:

You can’t say Merry Christmas it’s Happy Holidays,

You can’t have the manger in the public park only trees and lights,

You can’t pray publicly in school,

You now have Turkey Day instead of Thanksgiving Day,

It’s not Easter it’s Spring Break,

They are taking the cross off of public emblems,

The Ten Commandments cannot be displayed on public property,

And this is only a few.

Oh, relax a bit and enjoy following Jesus and knowing His Presence!

Enjoy Christmas and Easter and every wonderful thing that you want to celebrate about Jesus and the Bible.

What I am seeing is so many ‘religious people’ (followers of Jesus?) constantly upset and in a state of turmoil over one issue after another. You meet then and it is depressing. No joy in Jesus just moaning and complaining about the world and issues and problems. You search to hear a positive word about Jesus or the world or others.

After having walked around the world and in every nation I tell you I have seen and heard enough to depress anyone. But I have walked with Jesus and in the Power of His Holy Spirit and I have seen Jesus and the Glory of His Kingdom. I am not depressed or discouraged. As a matter of fact I have seen Jesus saving souls, healing people and giving victory over sin and self.

Perhaps you could stop for a moment and see what your witness is. The world does not witness the power of the message of the cross by protest and complaints but by living Spirit-filled witnesses of Jesus speaking in love the message of the cross and salvation.

The world does not come to know Jesus by protesting and complaining about not having a manger scene in front of the courthouse but by loving followers of Jesus telling in joy what the birth of Jesus means to them and to the world’¦The Word became Flesh!

Let’s get focused’¦The Ten Commandments? What about the “Great Commandment’ from Jesus?

Jesus said “All power is given me in heaven and in earth ‘GO’… into ‘ALL’… the world’¦ and preach the Gospel to ‘Every’ person!

How shall they hear with out a preacher?

What the world says or does about holidays etc. does not affect my personal and family celebration and worship.

Remember the early church and the followers of Jesus lived in a pagan and hostile world for hundreds of years without religious holidays and without a government that allowed or supported their commitment to Jesus. They lived victorious lives and powerfully witnessed to their world.

I am not saying that one should ignore the above issues but I am saying keep it in its proper place.

The focus is to be on JESUS! The message is the message of the cross and redemption and a victorious life.

Be careful not to develop a critical spirit. Do you find yourself always talking about ‘problems’ or Jesus?

Does your life and conversations reflect the fruits of the Spirit or something else?

Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, faithfulness, meekness and self-control.


something else.

The world is hungry for Jesus. Hear the call of God

“Whom shall I send or who will go for us?’

Joy to the World the Lord has come!

Jesus is Here!

Go and tell!

Praise God.


“Rejoice in the Lord “Always’ Amen

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt

Luke 18:1