I am very blessed to have such a wonderful family and heritage. God has indeed blessed me.
The photos include my children and grandchildren as well as my parents and grandparents. There are also photos of my wife Denise. The photos tell their own stories. Welcome to a look at my beautiful family.

A Father’s Day Greeting from my seven children!

Gina Dream Blessitt: Works in outreach ministry, homeless ministry, drama, plays and evangelism.
“Dad, I wish you Happy Fathers Day! As I think of what a father is supposed to be and the things a father is to teach, train and show his children, I think of how God interacts in our life! I am grateful for you… You have made it so easy to live a life with God. I grew up knowing love, acceptance and excitement! I have never doubted your love for me. We have lived a life with God and each other. There was never a division between ministry and home life. You raised us knowing our life is a ministry, everyday, everywhere, no matter what ever we are going through God is in it and glory will be given to him!
Very few people have a father with such a unique, consuming, lifelong, one of a kind, worldwide call on his life. Some people might find it hard to share you with the world but your example has formed me into the woman of God that I am today. The boldness and peace I live comes greatly from our awesome lifestyle. We are close, because for so many years we were all we had and there’s a bond that cannot be broken. You never stopped, no matter what and really no matter what!! And I find that today this is one of the greatest traits you have imbedded in my spirit. Many parents tell their children how to live… well you showed us by a living example. I love you more than mere words could carry. Only the Spirit of God can truly reveal the depths of my heart! Your Dream Girl… Gina Blessitt”
Sat. Sept 1, 2012 “Dad, Thank you for Saturday, I LOVE spending time with you and the family! It’s such a awesome thing God has blessed us with. A lot of families aren’t as close as we are, it is Priceless!!!!” About Gina’s & Joseph’s birthday party.

Arthur Joel Blessitt: Senior pastor of The Inspire Church, Aurora, Colorado
“Thank you dad for all you have taught me through out my life. To walk this earth besides you in the shadow of the cross, all those miles just you, me, and God. What a way to grow up. I would not trade it for the world. You have taught me to be faithful, strong, and reliant on God. You have shown me the best way to live ones life… In God’s will.
I love you dad, Arthur Joel Blessitt

Joy Ann Blessitt: Lives, ministers and works in Denver, Colorado. “Daddy you are my father and my friend. You’ve shown me unconditional love and forgiveness. Your passion for Jesus has always taught me to put Him first. I pray that I will also give my children the gift of love, forgiveness and most important the passion for Jesus. My life with you has been a wild ride and I thank you so much for that. I love you daddy. Happy Father’s Day”

Arthur Joshua Blessitt: Ministers, is and evangelist and ministers out of Norway to the world.
“Dad, you have given me the best days of my life. Being with you has given me excitement, adventure, friendship, joy, laughter and a close relationship with God. You are a great father and a great role model. YOU are the world’s #1 dad.
Love you, Joshua P. S. I want to give a super BIG hallelujah thanks to our heavenly Father for letting you be here another year on Father’s Day.

Arthur Joseph Blessitt: Lives in Denver. “Hi, Da Da. Go Go Good Bye”

Arthur Jerusalem Blessitt: Lives and works in Denver. “All my life I’ve looked up to you. Of all the heroes I could have had I chose you. I love you Dad”

Sophia Isabella Blessitt: 14 years old and lives in Denver with Denise and I. “Dad you’re one of a kind! You have taught me many things but one thing that will always stick with me is even thought life gets hard keep your focus on God because he will strengthen you and help you through hard times. I love you dad!”

Oh, I thank you Jesus for my awesome children. You God have been so good to me. They are the greatest! With all they have been through around the world they are my heroes too!
My GrandParents