I would like to share with you from my heart about doing the will of God. I will focus on one small but vital point. At first is may not seem so spiritual like getting the anointing or the blessing or the power but it is a real part of doing the will of God.

The point is ‘work’. Doing the job you are called to do.

Looking back to the Bible we see how God spoke to Noah and he obeyed and built an ark or ship in which God saved the human race. But Noah labored and worked to build that boat. It did not just appear after prayer. He cut the trees, moved the logs, cut the timber and put it together. Years of labor and then the had to get the animals and get them into the ark.

Look at Abraham he got the call of God and then walked and walked and wandered about as he followed the call. This was a total of thousands of miles in the hot Middle East of Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. He worked and pressed on with the call of God. But to do the will of God he had to move.

Moses had to travel many miles walking and ministering and facing death and struggle but he endured and though he was a mighty man of God he still had to struggle and cross water, deserts and climb mountains.

Just look at Samuel and track his travels and David and Elijah. On and on I could go speaking of people in the Word that moved and worked.

In the New Testament it is the same. On my website under Inspiration and witness. You will see the amazing miles that Mary the mother of Jesus walked and also the miles that Jesus walked. The miles Jesus walked is almost the total distance it is around the world at the equator. I personally believe he walked the distance around the world. Go to this page and study His travels. You will see that Jesus and Mary worked walking up and down hills and mountains and through the deserts and wilderness.

Think of Paul and all his travels. Wow, how he moved and ministered. Always pressing forward and following the Voice of the Holy Spirit.

I am not talking about working your way into salvation but about ‘doing’ the will of Jesus in your life.

It takes work!

I look back on my life and then these years of carrying the cross and it takes work. Getting up when your body is aching and sore and tired. Walking in the rain or snow or wind or heat or in dangers. Going on into wars and conflicts. Moving forward when everything says no but Jesus says go.

I know men and women of God that have moved to truly do His will and all have worked long hours and made sacrifices of time, money, energy and service. They may appear on TV but few have any idea of how much work they must do to get everything ready for the program. From pastors to street ministers to cross walkers to TV ministers all must work.

Now there is joy in the journey. There should be joy in the work or you are doing it wrong. The way of the will of God is peace in the heart. There may be battle after battle but inward in the spirit there should be an awesome calm and peace.

So we are to rest as we work. Rest in the grace and love of God as we move forward to do the will of God.

I think today there is a strange way of thinking that success is without sacrifice. Over and over I have know people that truly love the Lord but to do what they know they are called to do demands too much of a sacrifice for them. It is too much work or takes too much faith. They compromise for the easy way and live their lives in wonder of what might have been. How sad.

What about you?

Are you afraid of the will of God? Are you willing to walk like Abraham through the deserts to do the will of God into unknown lands and face all kinds of dangers? Or do you demand to be transported in the Spirit across the struggle to the other side? Have you put conditions on the call and will of God for your life. What is the price of your negotiation? What must God do to get you to work in His field?

There are many scriptures I could use for this column but I felt like using none. Almost all of you already know enough scriptures. This is a challenge to live what you know.

Jesus be with you on your journey and may He give you all you need as you work and do His will for your life.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1