Learning to say, No!

One of the most difficult things for many people to do is to say ‘No’. Yet in the life of the follower of Jesus it is one of the most important things you can ever learn.

I will get to the Bible in just a moment but first just consider the problem. In life one is confronted with a multitude of invitations to do something, say something or act in a certain way.

Pressure at the workplace, or school, university or community or family or military companions offer an almost endless battle. But it does not end there. Even the church competes with one’s time and energy as well as community service and many other worthwhile things.

Then come the things that could be said as things that need to be done. Visiting the sick, feeding the poor, taking care of friends and family and etc. Let us then consider the financial needs of your family, friends, the church, the missions, the children, the hungry, the injustice and your political opinions. Put on top of this your social life. Time with your spouse, your children or parents, extended family and personal refreshment. You must spend time with your co-workers, you children’s sports, hobbies and animal pets.
Now look at your own time for movies, or fishing or ball games or social clubs and activities.

I am getting exhausted just thinking about all of this. And you are getting exhausted living it. But I will just add one more thing for the spiritually inclined. Ha! Your time for Bible study and devotions. Your quiet time for prayer and meditation. Your time to learn and grow and ponder ideas and seek answers.

Now this is not a complete list but it is enough to get you thinking about how to say ‘no’.
Hear me clearly. You can’t possibly live a fulfilling life and be at peace with yourself and with others and with God by constantly giving in to every thing asked or desired of you by others and even yourself.

Then come the decisions we have to make about moral questions from drugs to abortion to alcohol to movies to dancing to dating to taxes to pay to submission and on and on I could go.

Many good wonderful people are facing ‘burnout’ and ‘mental fatigue’. Some of you are so exhausted doing ‘things’ that you can hardly function. Once life was much more simple but today in the modern world there are pressures and decisions almost every waking moment. Many of us have tired minds and’¦tired bodies. Often we exercise everything but our bodies.

You must stop and let the peace of God fill your heart and mind. It is necessary to consider your life and your time management and priorities.
Everyone has the same amount of ‘Now’.

Ask Jesus now to lead you in time and priority management so you may live this life to the fullest and do the glorious will of God and have peace.

More next week as we look at the Word of God on this subject. I promise you may see some things you have never thought of before.

God bless you,

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1