Don’t Fight What You Can’t Change!

We are having a wonderful time carrying the cross in the Hebrides Islands. Today my wife Denise and I along with our baby daughter, Sophia Isabella, were carrying the cross at the historic and word famous Callanish Stones on Lewis Island. I carried the cross around the stones and then stood the cross in the center. They go back 5,000 years.

It was cold and windy and a bit rainy. Someone said to me there, ‘Oh, the weather has turned bad today’. I said “No, this is the weather God made for today and I have learned to thank God for every day no matter what the weather.”

This idea is the subject of this column.

The world over I hear people complaining about the weather and many other things that they do not control. I sometimes think of how God must feel about all the unhappy people concerning the weather. ha

Meet a stranger and you say ‘hello’ and then they say how nice or how bad the day is? What is our problem with God. Should God be in control then why complain? We are like screaming children wanting our way all the time and blaming God for everything that does not go our way.

We just went through 3 hurricanes in Florida. Oh, did God ever get a blast! I have walked around the world and in every nation. I have experienced just about all the different types of weather you can ever have and… it was personal. I was out walking in it.

I do put in my request to God about what my idea of the weather should be… but then I accept what ever He wants me to have. I just smile and enjoy the weather and walk on.

God is the God of creation. Jesus is in control. Request and then don’t complain! Smile, relax and enjoy!

But what about the ‘bad’ weather you might say. Well the weather comes with no title! You are the one that labels it ‘bad’ or ‘good’.

| don’t pretend to understand the weather but I do know the God who makes it and He has a reason and purpose for every day.

Thank you, Lord God Almighty for all you send my way. The Devil is not in charge of my life or the weather!. So I love you Lord. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. You will hear no complaints from me!

| encourage you to thank Jesus for what He sends your way. After all you can’t change it can you! Sure you can put in your request and some days that lines up with God’s will for that day. But don’t claim credit. Give the glory to God.

OK, now. Have a ‘good’ day! ha
Or should I say ‘ have a ‘good weather’ day! ha
Or even better: Have a day in the will of God full of blessing and peace and live in the power of the Holy Spirit where ever you are.

As for us we walk on in the Hebrides meeting the beautiful people, hearing and seeing the wonder of the creation of God.

Oh, I must add that Denise is not here with me in this Internet place so she did not edit this column. All responsibility must rest upon me and ‘spell-check’. Ha

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1