Jesus (Give Me a “J”)

“Give me a ‘J’!’
“Give me an ‘E’!’
“Give me an ‘S’!’
“Give me a ‘U’!’
“Give me another ‘S’!’
“What’s that spell?’

One thing I’m known for is leading the Jesus cheer. It not only gets a crowd excited, but it also gets us focused on what’s most important: Jesus.

“Give me a ‘J’ is the name of my new book just out this week.

The book is ‘all about Jesus’. It is about how to share Jesus with others in a natural and comfortable yet effective and powerful way.

The very heart of God is for the lost to be saved. That is why Jesus came to this earth “to seek and to save those who are lost’.

Jesus said, “As my Father has sent me so send I you’.

This book is the result of a lifetime of sharing Jesus in all the world. I led my first person to Jesus when I was seven years old. I have been sharing Jesus and leading people to Jesus for fifty-eight years! Praise God. Jesus has done it.

In this book I share what I have learned about sharing Jesus with family, friends, strangers and people of all nations and religions. I also share in simple ways how you can lead people to know Jesus.

Yes’¦YOU! We are not all called to be pastors, etc., but every believer is called to be a witness and to issue invitations for people to come to know and follow Jesus.

I am teaching about how to share Jesus with others in the Presence of Jesus! You are not alone, the Holy Spirit is with you to lead and empower you.

How long has it been since you shed a tear for the lost?

How long has it been since you shared the message of salvation with a person?

How long has it been since you made heaven rejoice as you prayed with a person to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord?

Was your heart once afire with the Passion and Love of Jesus that sent you out as a personal witness? What happened? Has the fire died out and the passion gone? Are you now just working in religion and religious activities?

Pastor, has personal sharing of Jesus gone from your life outside the church walls? Have you shared Jesus with anyone at the golf course’¦at the restaurant?

Do the people where you vacation know you are saved and have you shared Jesus with them?

Oh, dear men and women of God. Cry out to God and ask forgiveness and for mercy and ask for God to baptize you with Fire and your First Love.

Open your mouth for Jesus and let your feet move you out to share in the power of the Holy Spirit.

There are thousands of you that read this column each month. You love Jesus and seek to follow Him.

I encourage you, I urge you to get a copy of “Give Me A ‘J’ book. Study it and I believe you will never be the same.

You know me. I stay focused on Jesus!

This book is about sharing this Jesus that you know and love with others.

You can be free to share Jesus in freedom, love and joy.

Click on the link below and order your book or books now. You can use the book as a study guide for your home group, your outreach group or witness team. You can get a copy for your pastor or missionary friend. Get copies for your youth group or missions group.

Each chapter has questions at the end to help in your study about sharing Jesus.

We also have “Give me a ‘J’ T-shirts and wrist bands with the same words. The ‘Give me a ‘J’ wristbands stir interest and questions.

God bless you in every way and go to our online store and order, T-shirts and wristbands.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt

Luke 18:1