Rain, Wind and Cold!

We are carrying the cross now in the Hebrides Islands. We are in the southern islands now.

Yesterday I got ready to carry the cross from the hotel where we spent the night. I could see it was rainy and windy but just got dressed for the road in my wet weather cloths. Little did I know what was before me. Denise and Sophia were to drive out and find me later.

As I walked out of the parking lot and turned to go down the highway I was hit by strong winds. Now I have carried the cross around the world so I have walked in the wind and rain before but this was something else.

Soon the wind became so strong it was difficult to move forward and the rain as it hit my face burned the skin. It was about freezing cold. The walk became more difficult by the step! Soon I came to a causeway over the water. The water was crashing into the stones and spraying me with even more water. I was almost lifted off my feet as the cross was like a sail in the wind. Like a drunk man I staggered side to side trying to stay on the walkway beside the road. Then the walkway ended. The paved road became single lane with passing places to park. No way could I stay along side the road without getting blown into the passing cars.

I felt it right to turn back to keep from getting hit by a car and hurting myself or someone else. It was a battle! The wind was stronger and stronger. At long last I got back to the hotel having gone a total of about two miles.

Denise was getting Sophia ready to leave when I arrived back exhausted! She said she say on TV that there were Gale force winds in our area. Last night we saw on TV that the winds were up to 69 mph! Almost a Florida Hurricane!

Now what is the point of this story?

This morning I carried the cross out of the same hotel in calm weather. The storm had passed and that water did not even have a ripple of a wave. I took off my coat and enjoyed the very wonderful weather and cross walk.

Many people stopped their cars to talk and we were on the front page of “The Hebridean”.
My point is on that stormy day…hang on! It may be cold and wet and windy and impossible to move forward but…today the storm is passed and it is beautiful and calm and wonderful.

Don’t let the storms of life stop you. Oh, yes you may need to wait a day or week or month but in God’s time and will, things will change and you can enjoy and smile.

God bless you. Just thought I would let you know a bit of life on the road. Oh, and by the way. I enjoyed yesterday’s walk so much. It was glorious to feel the wind and cold and wet! I was shouting and laughing as I staggered along. I loved it! I praised the Lord Jesus all the time.

And… you know me! I marked yesterday down as the ‘Strongest wind I have carried the cross in’. ha

God willing I will e mail this column again from the road somewhere next week.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1

P.S. Denise did not get to edit this. ha So I am responsible for all errors.