Glory Chapter 6


We have been thinking together about the glory of God and how He wants to share His riches in glory with us. We were gloriously made in the image of God, but one sad, horrible, tragic cry must be shared. It is the cry of God! Oh you sons of men, how long will you turn my glory into shame. (Psalm 4:2). We are the glory of God but we have turned His glory into shame. What is man, that thou art mindful of him? Thou hast crowned him with glory and honor. (Psalm 8:4-5) God made man in His image and crowned him with glory… but we have turned that glory into shame !! Everyone of my children I love, I glory in them, they look like me! but God says; they are mine, made in my image. I glory in them, they look like . . . the devil. Oh no, we have turned the glory into shame. God created us with lips that should be full of praise; but what do we do? Curse Him. We have hands that could till the earth, keep the garden, but we take our hands and make weapons to kill. Our eyes, instead of seeing His glory, become instruments of greed, or to rob a bank. Our bodies the expression of love, now shamed in lustful sex. We have taken our will that could respond and communicate with God and man and turned it into selfishness, loneliness, depression, hate and all manner of evil has corrupted us. We have taken everything. We have taken His glory out and made it into shame.

How long will you turn God’s glory into shame? How much He wants to forgive you, heal your heart and mind and bring you into glory.

Behold, the Lords hand is not shortened, that it cannot save, neither is his ear heavy, that it cannot hear: Because he wants to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; (Isaiah 59:1, 61:3). God has so much good He wants to share with you. Aren’t you ready to come to Him now? I know you are. Hear Jesus praying for you, and the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one: (John 17:22). Oh the glory that the Father gave Jesus, yet Jesus wants that same glory In you! God wants to share everything He’s got with you! Everything good that God has, He has for you!! Believe it! Some of you might say, but Arthur, I’m bad, I’m a murderer, a prostitute, even a little child but a sinner, my mind is selfish, my thoughts are not so lovely, my desires are perverted. But God loves you! He wants to share His life, glory, salvation and heaven with you. Jesus came into the world, born of the Virgin Mary, lived without sin and died on the cross for your sins. He rose on the third day, was seen by many and ascended into heaven. He is coming back, soon. ‘The Glory of the coming of the Lord is at hand’, His Holy Spirit is here now, calling you. I know you want the fullness of the Lord in you. You want to be received into His glory now, and in the time to come! It is simple yet glorious. Just whisper this prayer to God with all your soul open to Him:

Oh God, I want to know You,
reveal yourself to me. As
best as I know how, I turn from my
old way and to You.
Jesus come into my heart.
I repent, cleanse me and fill me
with the Holy Spirit. Fill me with glory.
Oh thank you Lord for saving me and
making my home heaven!
Praise the Lord. In Jesus Name.
Thank Him now, His glory has shined into your heart through Jesus Christ our Lord! Believer, you can pray this prayer:
Now, oh Lord, bath your children in the
glory, empower us and send us forth,
to bring in the harvest of the lost
into thy kingdom.

The most holy, awesome, and wonderful thought is that one day His glory will fill the whole earth! As His glory pours down upon the earth, in his glorious presence, all shall be perfected. Just imagine, all the glory that the prophets of the bible saw, that the angels sang about and declared shall come, for when the Son of man shall come in His glory and all the Holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon his throne of Glory! (Matthew 25:31).

For thine is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen!

Remember, “The Glory of the coming of the Lord is at hand!”

Go home to thy friends and tell what great things the Lord hath done for thee! (Mark 5:19).