Happy Birthday Blessitt!

Well, glory can you believe it!

Wow, I feel like a child. (My wife Denise says I act like one too) ha! Just had my birthday this past week. How blessed I am.

On my birthday I opened the several cards that Denise had brought from friends and family. Then we were on the road with me carrying the cross in the cold, wet and rain. It was glorious. Oh, I loved it. Carried the cross to the port and took a ferry to the Isle of Skye. We met some wonderful people and had good witness and prayer. How glorious to see the power of the Holy Spirit. Denise and I had a great time talking with two men about Jesus.

We got a room, then Denise and Sophia took me out to get me a birthday gift. Sophia got me an arm band cord to tie on my wrist and Denise gave me a tiny flashlight/watch that I can carry in my pocket. The we spent the evening together.

I sat and pondered the beautiful and glorious life Jesus has given me. From the cotton fields of Mississippi to Hollywood, California and on with the cross to have now carried the cross from one end of the earth to the other.

All the people I have met…from Yasser Arafat to Billy Graham to George W. Bush to Pope John Paul II to the beautiful people along the way who have helped us and blessed us in oh so many ways.

My most wonderful family including my 7 children, Gina, Joel, Joy, Joshua, Joseph, Arthur J and Sophia. All my 10 grandchildren. All the extended Blessitt family. Denise’s family that is now my family too.

All my friends new and old. I have the best in the world. So many of you have stood with me for years and we have shouted with joy and cried tears together. Each friend is a treasure from God.

My family around the world. Those of you who have welcomed in a pilgrim with a cross. Given food and bed and a smile and your love. Around the world God has chosen the best for me. What more could I ask?

God looked down in His mercy and grace and brought into my life Denise, my wife! She is beyond words to describe. To me she is a living reflection of Jesus, pure of heart and full of life, excitement and commitment. Denise is fearless in following Jesus. To have her as one with me is incredible.

I feel great! After all these miles and dangers and battles of all kinds I feel excited about life and the world and most of all about Jesus and His will and way.

This world is full of beautiful people. Oh, yes there is sin and evil but all us were made in the image of God. Things have gone wrong in every life but the Holy Spirit is at work to bring people to Jesus for salvation and new life.

I have seen the world welcome the cross. Jesus is alive! Jesus is ruling NOW. His Kingdom is here. Fear not. God is in control of nations and lands and peoples.

I rest in His wisdom and love and power.

I am blessed and happy. Thank you Jesus.

Oh, and I must add that baby Sophia, God’s great and incredible gift of Denise and I is so full of love and has the biggest smile I have ever seen. What a glorious new blessing.

Love to you all.
We walk on… Glory

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1