The Cross Bearer Chapter-1

Forward by Arthur Blessitt

“They were strangers and pilgrims on the earth.”
Hebrews 11:13

“I speak to you as strangers and pilgrims.”
1 Peter 2:11


Many years ago someone sent me a very old book published in 1861: The Cross Bearer.
I glanced at the book and sent the person a thank you note. It was ‘lost’ for many years in my library and not located until I moved to new offices. As I was unpacking the book I opened it and read a few pages. I was overcome by the message and the drawings. They were so powerful. I read and wept through the night. How true, how true I thought. This book must be published again.
I did publish it but it is now out of print. I felt led of the Lord to put it on our website for people to read and to print a copy. The author of the book is not known so I cannot give that person credit. All the credit goes to Jesus who is the Master Cross Bearer.

Please note that the writing is more in the style of many years ago. I have edited it to the main points and know that the drawings carry a great impact and really tell the story.

I have added some of my own thoughts and feelings at the end of this book.

All Glory to God,

A pilgrim follower of Jesus,
Arthur Blessitt,
Luke 18:1

The Model Cross Bearer
Chapter 1

“His appearance was marred more than any man
His form more than the sons of men.”


It seemed to be the noon hour and I was standing on a street of Jerusalem amid a multitude of people.

What a scene was before me. My Lord was there: but in what a condition and with what surroundings! A few hearts loved him; but lover and friends were far from Him. Rude, fierce soldiers attended Him on His way to death. An atmosphere of hatred and oaths and mocking and cruelty was all around Him.

He was staggering and fainting beneath the rugged cross. Then I remembered how it had been said that the weight of our sins was laid upon Him, even to the limit of His strength. Jesus carried the cross for us and for our sins.

Surely I had never before really comprehended this scene. My heart was deeply moved as I discovered the greatness of my wrong and the greatness of the sufferer, the intensity of His suffering, His cheerfulness and willingness to endure it for me. There had been something superficial before in my view of my Lord bearing the cross for me.