Arthur Blessitt: Why I write these columns!

For the past several years I have been writing a weekly column. It has been a pleasure for me and in doing this I have also grown as I research subject after subject.

The theme of my columns is Jesus, nothing more or less. I seek to look at Jesus, His Words and life and apply this to my life and yours and our time in history.

I study the scripture in Hebrew and Greek and then seek to apply the true meaning to the subject we are looking at.

My favorite tool is the ‘PC Bible’ software which is a great tool for the Hebrew and Greek meaning of the original words in the Bible.

My favorite translation is the ‘Heritage Bible’ listed under my favorite links on this website.

I would say that my favorite theologians are Charles Haddon Spurgeon and Dr. R. T. Kendall both pastured churches in London, England. Dr Kendall I feel is the most powerful writer of our time.

It is my passion to share the Word of God with the people of the world just as I have walked the roads of the world and talked to and answered questions from tens of thousands along the way. I seek to write just as I talk with people.

My mission is not to condemn or to judge but to lift up Jesus. In the Light of Jesus, darkness must flee and hope rises with the news of the resurrected Christ Jesus.

God loves you and cares. Jesus came because He loves you and me. The Holy Spirit strives with us and loves us so much He stays to convict and bring us to repentance and to eternal life through Jesus.

I have lived a long life following Jesus. I have loved Him from my mother’s knee and then came to receive Jesus as my Savior as a seven year old child. My desire has been to live with and for Him ever since. I started sharing Jesus with others the day after I give my life to Jesus. He called me to preach at the age of 15 and I accepted the call. That is all I have ever done. From my experiences in life as a pastor and then an evangelist I seek to share and help you follow Jesus. My journey of sharing Jesus and carrying the cross has taken me to every nation of the world and almost every major island group on earth. This experience mixed with the Bible the Word of God is the foundation of my writing.

I welcome you to the archive of these columns here on my website just below this link on the left. There are columns going back for years. You use these for personal devotions or small group Bible studies.

I also welcome you to check my ‘blog’ where I will be posting my latest news.

Jesus loves you. Let’s follow Him! Glory!

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt

Luke 18:1