The Cross Bearer Chapter-4

The Cross Lightened
Chapter 4


The disciple humbled and penitent under his reproof again took the cross, which his Savior had given him. But though he dared to no longer refuse it, he shrank from its weight and its roughness.

He had not learned the true way to find relief is in bearing it patiently and faithfully. He knew not the grace, which strengthens the weary and is made perfect in weakness. Soon as before he began to take counsel of the flesh and seek a compromise with duty.

The cross, which had been assigned to him, he might not exchange for another. “I will obey,” he said. “It will be my Lord’s cross, and has He not promised me that His yoke shall be easy and His burden light?”

So I observed him lay the cross upon the ground, and with saw and plane seek to shorten and smooth it!