Wow, I’m using the biggest words ever for my column.

I think the reason many people get discouraged and want to give up is that they think it is the same thing as disappointment.

Now before I get into a definition of terms let me explain what the difference is to me. This is very important.

I am often disappointed but almost never discouraged! Why?

Disappointment means that what you ‘wanted’ or ‘desired’ did not happen! I want to see the world believe in and follow Jesus. I desire peace on earth and love in every heart. I expect worldwide awakening every day. Ha
I am a person with great expectations. Anything less is disappointing.

Yet disappointment does not discourage me.
As I carry the cross I expect everyone to stop and come to talk or hear me preach. It has happened in some places but most days it does not. I just stay faithful to God’s call and walk on.
I expect revival every time I preach. I give the invitation at the end of the message expecting every person to respond that needs to make a decision.

Many people do not see what they expect and get discouraged. They start thinking nothing works out like they wanted it too and in despair stop their mission or grow bitter or lose the joy and excitement of life.

Even when I look at the world and know that in every nation I have carried a 12-foot cross and yet war and troubles abound. I am disappointed but not discouraged.

One of the key reasons for discouragement is that we forget that God is in control! We forget that it is the Kingdom of God and Jesus is ruling and reigning, Now!

When you realize that this is God’s world and not yours. He has a plan and purpose for all things.

Either you feel we humans make all the decisions or you trust in the Divine Plan for your life and the nations.

Pray! Expect miracles! Believe! Have faith in God! Follow Jesus! Seek to know and do the will of Jesus our Lord and Savior. Expect the best in all things.

Do not let disappointments and unfulfilled expectations send you into despair and discouragement.

Keep your eyes on Jesus and go forth believing and expecting! Don’t ever reach the point where past disappointments rob us believing and expecting in the Name of Jesus.

Trust all the results to Jesus!

Now go have a life of trust and expectation mixed with peace, purpose and blessings in Jesus Name.

God bless you! Peace be with you,

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1