It is a rainy day in Southwest Florida. We just returned from a cross carrying trip. How glorious. During the night the thunder sounded and the lighting flashed and cracked. The rain poured and the sound of all this nature causes me to reflect. It’s a slow rain and it feels so good that after this column is written and e-mailed to Sally I will go out and take a walk.

My mind flashes back to countless days of wet cross walking. Cars and trucks send sheets of water over me as they race along the road. I am walking beside the road and hold my breath as the water sweeps over me.
Nights I have laid in the jungle, wet and cold from the pouring rain. I hear the sounds of the forest come to life with screams and chirps. I lay shaking from the wet and talk to God and love every moment. Oh, wow, I love life even when it is tuff.

I must confess, “Normal is my enemy”!

I love a challenge!

I’ll just write a few things that are on my mind.
I love to live.
Oh, yes and I am ready to die.
For me I think death is the next great experience.
There have been many times as I have walked the roads of the world and even before that I faced death and did not die. I was a bit disappointed!

It was like God was saying, “Son, you have more miles to walk. Your mission is not over yet.

So I have felt for years that I am living in ‘overtime’!

One day you will hear that I am gone. Don’t weep for me! I have lived a blessed and thrilling life with Jesus. I have experienced the best and the worst. Seen the best and worst. Heard the best and the worst.

I have lived for Jesus all my life. My mother taught me about Jesus even as a baby when my father was off to war in the early 40’s. When I was 7 years old I prayed in a car park and invited Jesus into my life. It was a night that for the first time I felt ‘lost’. My desire was to be saved and follow Jesus. That very first time I felt lost, I wanted to be saved.

All through my teen years my passion and desire was to please Jesus. Oh, for sure I failed often but that was my dream and commitment. To live like Jesus has always been my hearts desire. I began to witness to others as a child and pray with them to receive Jesus as Savior. This has been my passion all my life to help people to be saved and follow Him.

My journey through life has been with Jesus. I have always felt close to God. As a child I would climb up a big Pin Oak tree in the front yard and pray sometimes all night. I would just sit and look at the sky and talk to God. Sometimes my mother would call out “Son, don’t go to sleep and fall out of that tree.” Oh, I loved those nights with God.

Guess God was preparing me for the world, for nights in far off lands where I would lay slapping mosquitoes hour after hour. Where I would lay on a board in the wet cold all night in the middle of a war. Where I would walk through the desert in the night to avoid the scorching daylight sun. Or when I would walk through a battlefield in the valley of death and hate and war. Carrying the cross and lifting it high in love in the place of hate and killing.

I think I have two very strong emotions in life.
I am happy and I’m sad.
I have peace with God and yet am sad and hurting at the suffering in the world.
I cry and I laugh!
With love I go on following Jesus wherever He leads me.
I am content and at peace but still stirred to change the world.
I dream to see justice and mercy and love overflowing everywhere.
My passion is for every person to be safe in the Hands of Jesus.

It is a struggle to leave everything to God and just be content with His will for me. My nature is to try to change the world. To stand in front and shout ‘Stop!’ Let’s start again the right way!

Yet it is God’s kingdom! It is His world. He has a plan and I read in the Bible how what was prophesied came to pass and I know the future is in His plan purpose. This is comforting and yet troubling.
I want to be in charge and run ahead and force things.
Jesus simply said to the Father “Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”.

I must rest in His will and just do what He is calling me to do and be at peace. Jesus said, “I build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” There is confidence. There is assurance. This is right. Be at peace. Nothing will stop the advance of the Kingdom of God on earth. No ruler, no king, no government; nothing will stop the plan of God.

I believe in the total destiny of God. That He is in control and all things are in His foreknowledge. The Divine plan of God will come to pass. Nothing happens outside His will and plan.

This is one of the main foundations of my life. I seek to do His will and trust the entire outcome to Him. I just say, “Jesus did it!”
I do not give credit to my faith, no in no way. Even faith is a gift from God. But you may say, ‘you must act on the faith so you get some credit’ Well for me I say “Philippians 2:13 says ‘It is God that works in you both to WILL and to DO His good pleasure”. So even the desire to ‘do’ His will is from Him not from me. All glory and praise (delete it) unto the Lord, The Lord of Hosts is His Name. Thank you Jesus.

So I am happy beyond words. God is with me. Jesus is in my heart. The Holy Spirit fills me. I know love in a way that is beyond dreams as I see the face of Denise each night and day. I speak to my dear mother now 94 years old. I see my grown children and growing grandchildren. I have friends that are true and caring and loving. I have a family of friend that stretches around the world.

I know enough needs to break the heart of most. Sometimes the hurt and pain I carry in my heart from a suffering and hurting world is much greater than the physical cross I carry on the roads. I see a crowd and wonder how many will be in Heaven. There is the message of Jesus and His salvation and a fire in me that sends me into the fields ripe for harvest. I just love to help people pray and have their needs met in Jesus.

I see beautiful people I have met in every nation. I seek to see the heart of others. I can truly say I love everyone. People are the most important and beautiful thing on earth. God places such value on people that He gave His only begotten Son’¦ to die for us’¦ to save us. This Jesus who arose from the grave is alive, and ready to hear your prayer and save your soul.

The flowers bloom in their matchless beauty upon the earth.
The sea washes the shores on a thousand beaches.
The mountains rise in splendor and the animals race across the Serengeti. The sky is home to the birds
the fish play in the sea.

People love and cry and laugh and smile and die.
The earth is an awesome place!
We live here and I love it.
Oh, I’ve felt the pain,
Shed tears.
Laughed, loved, prayed and danced in the surf in distant lands.
Jesus has walked with me every step.
He holds me and loves me and leads me.
I love it! Glory

I look back now on my life as I have walked this earth since October 27, 1940.

Wow, what a trip! What a life! What a pilgrimage! Thank you Jesus.

I am still thrilled and ready to Go! Excitement fills me. God’s Spirit stirs me. The world challenges me. I can still hear Jesus saying, “Go into All the world and preach the gospel to every person.”

Oh, sure I know that does not mean ‘Me’. Of course for me that is my problem. Ha, I think it does! I take it personally.

Look out world here we come. Cross on the shoulder and the Bible in my hand and Denise at my side.

I can see you smiling. That is ok. God is too!

He loves me and we have a great time together.
He says ‘Go’ and off I rush.

Just trust you are having a wonderful walk with Jesus too.
He is waiting and calling and wants to join you in this journey of life.
He made a place of you in heaven.
Invite Jesus in now and begin the journey through eternity.

To those already on the journey, be at peace. Enjoy God and all his creation and all His people. Why not be radical, even enjoy yourself!

Have a great day or night or life wherever you are on this earth.
God loves you.
Get to know Him.
Love Him.
Love everyone.
Peace, love and blessings.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1