The Cross Bearer Chapter-8

The Cross Carried in Self Will
Chapter 8

“He that does not take up his cross and follow after Me

is not worthy of Me.”


“What next?”

Can this disciple, after so much disobedience and so many corrections, at last really do his Lord’s will? Not yet it seems.

As I observed him after this last reproof, he had taken the cross down from its lofty position and placed it where it belonged, on his shoulder. But then instead of fixing his eyes on Jesus in order to follow Him, I observed that his face was looking away. Yet there appeared a look of complete self-satisfaction!

Again I saw the Lord approach him, grieved and yet compassionate. Again and again He had reproved the disciple, patiently bearing with his waywardness and gently instructing him. Now, once more, He must reprove this dull learner.

“Still, my child, refusing a full obedience! Have I not called you to bear the cross? I appointed you to follow in My footsteps? I point out the way to life by my own example. The path to peace and glory I have walked through this vain world and there is no other.”