Movie DVD, “The Cross, The Arthur Blessitt Story”

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The Forty Year Journey Around the Globe. Movie DVD.

Experience THE CROSS: The Arthur Blessitt Story in your own home on DVD.Please join me as I carefully retrace my steps through history. You will not only relive with me the hardships and joys of this historic cross walk, but you will also meet the people for whom I walked literally around the globe to share the hope, salvation and the love of Jesus. If you love a good story – a remarkable true story – this is a film you shouldn’t miss.This is a film to share with your children, your neighbors and your friends.This is a great way to share Jesus in your small group, outreach, mission trip, at the homeless shelter, senior citizens home, etc.

It’s really all about Jesus! Jesus did it. It’s for Jesus and the people He loves…everyone.

One thing missed in all the PR about the movie is the awesome welcome of the cross by the secular press and the regular non church attending people. Young people and even adults love adventure sports and extreme sports. This is the ultimate in danger, endurance, adventure and Jesus all in one movie having been lived on the roads around the world. The Newsmaper Independent in the UK says “Surely the toughest exercise ever undertaken” More people stop me to talk who do not go to church than the ones who do. I’m in the Guinness World Records for the world’s longest walk. This is the best selling book other than the Bible in the world every year. So get a copy and give it to some young people, college students, the local bartender, nightclub person, drug dealer, and they will watch it and be impacted by Jesus.

This movie is not just for the religious but the non religious. Those outside the church. This is what the movie is all about. The cross is for everyone! No matter what religion, lifestyle or belief come and consider the cross and Jesus and His love and message.

Pilgrim follower of Jesus, Arthur and Denise Blessitt Luke 18:1


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