“The Cross in Space” re-entry occurred on the satellite’s 576th Orbit of the Earth June 26, 2012 at 10:22 pm CST
Like a flaming shooting star for the Glory of God.

The Cross was made from the Cross Carried Around the World on foot by Arthur Blessitt
This little cross accomplished a great and historic mission!
Celestis 11/Falcon 9 with the Cross was at the Altitude 165-196 miles (265-315 KM) high
Orbited the earth every 90 minutes! Passing over almost every nation.

Launch Certification cross in spaceHistoric Launch of “The Cross in Space” in Orbit Around the Earth! We waved the cross above this earth declaring ‘theEarth is the Lord’s
We waved the cross in the face of Satan both on earth and in the Sky!

The Cross was above YOU!
Over Jerusalem, America, Saudi Arabia, Iran, India, China, South America, over all the World!
The cross went up on the SpaceX Falcon 9 Dragon Spacecraft. Celestis was our launch company. The Celestis canister carried the cross in a secondary payload on the Falcon 9’s Second Stage.
The launch took place May 22, 2012 at 3:44am EST from Cape Canaveral, Florida USA

“then the Sign of the Son of Man will appear in the Sky! Then all the tribes of the earth will mourn and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power & great glory” Jesus (Matt. 24:30)
“Like a Faithful Witness in the Sky” David (Psalms 89:37)
“Now see my witness in the Sky” Job (Job16:19)
“The Glory of the Coming of the Lord is at Hand” (God to Arthur Blessitt)
CrossinSpaceworld_sphereWe have worked on this project for 12 years, staring in the year 2,000. In the year 2001 we were set to launch from Russia but 9/11 happened and the launch was canceled and the launch company failed. We were to launch a four inch cross, small Bible and Jesus stickers (see photos at bottom of this page). Disappointed but not discouraged I started again and found Celestis. They have been wonderful. We had to make a much smaller cross to fit in their canister for launch. We had a launch August 2,2008 on Falcon 1 from the Marshall Islands. The Cross, Bible and Jesus stickers reached 217km or about 134 miles up into the heavens. The second stage separation failed and the satellite did not reach orbit. However the cross made from the cross I’ve carried around the world did go up 134 miles into Space! Glory! The Cross, Bible and stickers were scattered over the Pacific and bits went around the world!

The Mission: To put a cross in space to orbit around the world.
Why? Because Jesus called me to do this mission with the cross.
I am in the Guinness Book of Records for ‘the world’s longest walk’, now 324 nations, island groups and territories for a distance of over 43,340 miles (69,747 km). This is over one and one half the distance around the earth! On Foot!

54th year of carrying the cross 1968-2021 and still walking the cross

Now as an extension of that walk on foot around the world the cross made from that very cross is in space orbit above the earth. A cross made from the only cross carried around the world is in orbit around the earth! All Glory to God.
The Cross and the Message of the Cross
The Cross is the best known symbol in the world. At the cross the worst of man met the best of God and there is Hope! The cross is the symbol of Love, Peace and Hope in a troubled world. Not only is there hope but “The Way, The Truth, The Live” is found in Jesus. How thrilling to know that a cross for Jesus is lifted up above the earth! Circling this planet. Day and Night the cross is lifted up. Above wars, poverty, crime, greed, hate and pride the cross is circling in Glory. Jesus said, “People love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil”. (John 3:19) The cross is lifted up above all evil on earth. Also the cross is above, as a blessing upon the earth. Now the cross is not only up ‘on’ earth but lifted up ‘over’ the earthly domain of Satan! Glory!A thrill to every believer in and follower of Jesus to know the cross is above him or her at all times. You can look up at the heavens on a star filled night and know the cross is up there above the earth.
“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”. (Ephesians 6:12)
CrossinSpace3For sure the Devil hates The Cross! It was there that Jesus died for our sins, shed His Holy Blood, died and then arose again and won the victory over Satan, sin and death.

“The Devil took Him (Jesus) up on an exceedingly high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. And he said to Him (Jesus) ‘All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me’. Then Jesus said “Away with you Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only you shall serve.”
(Matthew 4:8-10)

Interesting Facts and Figures about the Cross
1.The almost two inch cross was cut from the 12 foot cross Arthur Blessitt has been carrying around the world.
2. The cross was made from ‘clear heart Redwood’.
3. Arthur will continue to carry the cross as he and his wife Denise go on around the world.
4. I pray that is Cross in the sky was like a welcome banner for the return of Jesus.
5. The Cross in Space went around the earth about every one and one half hours passing over almost every nation.
6. The Cross in Space stayed up from May 22nd – June 26th, 2012
7. Dotti Ham, Sally Hobbs, Joshua Blessitt, Renny Severance and Denise & Sophia Blessitt assistant me.
The Old Testament in the Bible points ‘to’ the Messiah Jesus Christ! The Gospels in the New Testament and the first chapter of Acts in the Bible tell of the life of Jesus. How He was born of the Virgin Mary, lived without sin, did mighty works, taught and love and showed us the way of life. It tells of His death on the cross for our sins, shed His Blood, died and on the 3rd day rose again. It tells how after several weeks He ascended into heaven and is at the Right Hand of the Father. The remainder of the New Testament looks back to Jesus and teaches us more about how to live with and follow Him.

I invite you to pray and welcome Jesus into your life and Savior and to give your life to God. Please pray this prayer:
“Dear God, I need you. As best as I know how I give you my life. Lord Jesus I believe in You, that you died on the cross for my sins and shed Your Blood to wash away my sins. I repent and turn to Jesus and put all my trust in You Jesus as my Savior and Lord of My life. Put my name in Your Book of Life in Heaven and make my home heaven. I forgive everyone and want to follow You Jesus now and for the rest of my life and spend eternity with You in heaven. I am not ashamed of You and will confess you now as my Savior. Thank you Jesus”.

The photos below were from our first ‘Cross in Space’ launch that did not go into orbit but did go into space.
My dear friend Renny Severance is with me in the photo below.

Cross In Space Renney
Cross In Space 4 inch cross
Cross In Space Stickers