Russia: “The War In The Mind”

‘The War in the Mind’

I have lived my life going where people said I could not go and doing things for Jesus that people said could not be done and talking to people who others said would not listen. There seems to be a constant war between the words of most people and the Words of God.

This is not new. The Bible is full of this struggle. It begins in the Garden of Eden with the words of the Serpent the Devil. The Serpent said, “God said” and then he states that what God said is not true! Who will you believe is the question here and it still is today!

Skip ahead to the Sinai Desert and God has brought the children of Israel out of Egypt and is leading them into the Promised Land. Moses sends out the twelve spies to view the land. Ten report that the ‘people were stronger than we are’. They gave a bad report, stating that giants fill the land and “we seem like grasshoppers in our own eyes”!

However Caleb and Joshua reported “We should go up and take possession of the land for ‘we can certainly do it’. Then God said that everyone twenty years old and more world die in the wilderness and only Caleb and Joshua would live to enter the land because the people grumbled against God and spread a bad report.

I wonder how many of you are living your lives in the wilderness with your dreams and callings dying because you have believed a bad report. Because you have gotten your eyes off God and the will of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit and looked at your self as a grasshopper and not as a Child of God living in the Power of God as you do the Will of God.

What conflicts do you see in your world today that come in conflict with the Word of God? Do you see yourself as a grasshopper or do you seek to live the words of the scripture “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Phil. 4:13

I do not know what your ‘Promised Land’ is but I do know where it is…it’s in the Will of God!

When Jesus fasted in the wilderness for forty days and the Devil came to tempt Him. It was a true war in the mind between Jesus and Satan. The three temptations all dealt with ‘God says’ ‘the Devil says’. It was about what Jesus believed about the Father and about Himself.

Still is. How much of God do you believe and how much of what the world says and the Devil says? This is a constant conflict that you face. Decide for Jesus and the peace will come.

Next week we are going to carry the cross in one of the most dangerous and war torn areas of the world today. Shall we obey the call of Jesus to take the cross and Jesus there or let fear rule? I cannot promise I will return but I can promise I will go! I am willing to live or die for Jesus and His call to reach others with me message of salvation through the Blood of Jesus who died on the cross for all. This includes the worse killers. I will proclaim this message as long as I live.

I would ask you to pray for Denise, Sophia, Joshua and I when you read this. Please cover us with your prayers.

In “The Cross” the movie and the book you will see this war in the mind and how I seek to follow Jesus. Sure I have failed but in my struggles I seek to fall into the Arms of Jesus and not away. I turned seventy last week and feel great. Jesus is still working with me as clay in His tender Hands, molding and perfecting my life to be more in His image.

I am praying for you as you too are in this mighty war. Jesus won the victory. Now let Him win it in you.

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Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt,

Luke 18:1

Weeks ago I started with the letter A and will go to Z focusing on a nation or island group, and what I learned in that place. If you are looking for perfection then just read the Words of Jesus in the New Testament of the Bible. I’m only a pilgrim that has and is still on a journey with Jesus. He is constantly working on me like a potter does the clay. Welcome to the potter’s house!