Jesus (I Am With You)

“I am with you Always”, Jesus.

To me these words of Jesus are thrilling and glorious. At the moment I am writing this column we are in the Middle East just having started another walk with the cross. After long flights it sure is great to be on the road again with the cross for Jesus.

Denise pushed Sophia in the baby carriage and I carried the cross along the waterfront. Many families are out to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. Here came the cross! Everyone was welcoming and some came to talk with us. We had a powerful witness.

Before we left on this trip several people warned us of the dangers in this part of the world. But of course I know all the dangers and warning. I have carried the cross in every nation and was in this nation many years ago.

But I also know the One that has sent us on this mission of witness with the cross, Jesus!

Jesus is with us, always!

There is no distance with Him. Jesus is as much with us here as in the U.S. or in India or in Jerusalem.

As Jesus gave the great call for His followers to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every person He made a profound promise; I will be with you! The early followers of Jesus believed Him. They set out from Jerusalem to go into ‘all’ the world. Whatever they faced in persecution or danger or death they ‘knew’ that Jesus was with them, they were never alone.

Their story is recorded in the book of Acts and in the history of the first century and beyond. In this very place where we carried the cross today early followers of Jesus were martyred. Fearless and totally committed to Jesus they died in such a committed way that the people that viewed their deaths often became followers of Jesus. The more people they killed the more the followers of Jesus multiplied.

Why were they so brave? Jesus

Jesus was with them. They knew it for real.

That too is what I know. I know Jesus is with us.

On my journey around the world with the cross this has been the promise of Jesus I have rested in. I do not know the outcome of this or any other journey but I do know who is with me. Nothing can come to pass that does not pass first through the will of Jesus. God’s all Seeing Eye and knowledge we rest in.

In the area where we live people are dying in record numbers in auto accidents. Yet the roads are stilled jammed with cars and people. It is just as dangerous to drive in America as to travel in other lands.

So here we go again carrying the cross from town to town in a place of total strangers. But our Friend Jesus is with us. The Holy Spirit is within us. The Father is with us. God Almighty the Lord of Hosts the maker of heaven and earth is with! Glory.

My dear friend ‘fear not’. Rest your life and fate in the Hands of Jesus.

Rejoice in the Lord. Today could be our last day on earth! Heaven may be our home tomorrow!

Live or die knowing Jesus is with you, Always!

P.S. Just went to speak tonight at a home church of believers in and followers of Jesus. I preached and it was a beautiful time. All Glory to God. Do love house churches and in lands like this it is a special blessing.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt

Luke 18:1