Arthur A Pilgrim Chapter-38


Gí́nskär – I have felt that most words are very limited and inadequate to express. For instance, love. You can say, “I love candy,” “I love that shirt,” “I love you,” “I love God.” The English word is the same for each and it is very difficult to express in English words what we truly feel. So, I am slowly developing a new vocabulary that can be used in all languages. I’ll share one word:

Gí́n- taken from Genesis in the Bible. There, love was pure. Adam and Eve
were together, naked, but pure. God visited them.

Ns- is for now. Love and purity of expression that was in the Garden of Eden,
expressed now, without guilt or fear.

kär- like the stars and planets, ever expanding, limitless, room to explore and develop.

Gí́nskär- Love, pure, as in the beginning with Adam and Eve and God. Experienced now
without guilt or fear, ever expanding and limitless. One word is enough to say Gí́nskär.