The Old and the New

“Likewise He also took the cup after supper, saying, “This is the new covenant of My Blood, which is shed for you” Luke 22:20: Mark 14:24; Matthew 26:28

There is a great struggle and conflict between the New Testament and the Old Testament in today’s religious world.

The word used as Testament is also used as Covenant in the Bible. It is an agreement between God and People.

I do not want to stir up the controversy that is at the center of religious conflict today in Christianity but I do want to cause you to think and pray about the Truth of what the New Covenant or Testament is.

What you believe about this matter is very important both in our relationship with God and in how we live our lives.

Here is the struggle and conflict: How much of the old law and covenant applies to the follower of Jesus?

I will not answer your questions but just raise the questions. I think you will since how I feel but my opinion is not important but what the Work says is.

Today there is a strong movement to reestablish the old law and mix it with the new covenant. The strong move is to bring in ‘holy day’ and ‘old law’ and somehow mix it with Jesus and the New Covenant.

Many preachers and believers speak of grace and mercy in the New Covenant but also bring in the law when dealing with giving and tithing. This is the same conflict that the early church faced. This conflict is dealt with in the book of Acts in the Bible and in the Epistles of Paul.

So what if the law dealing with the tithe applies, what about the stoning for many offences and the laws concerning adultery or the Sabbath etc. What about all the laws dealing with sex and family?

It seems strange to me that one can today pick and choose which laws apply today. In the Old Testament days they could not pick and choose which laws to live by. Here is the problem. How do we pick and choose which laws to obey and which do we ignore.

Are we to live under the Old Testament land or under the New Testament commands of Jesus?

The early church had to deal with this. Today we must do the same.

Are we to live under law or grace? Are we to live under Jesus and loving God and our neighbor or under the law or following Moses?

Today many are mixing the two and desiring the reestablishment of the law and the Temple or is the focus on Jesus and the Kingdom now as He rules and reigns.

All I ask is for one to be consistent. If it’s the law and the old covenant then implement it totally as in the days of David and Solomon.

Seems to me that many forget about Jesus and what happened at the cross.

Are you a follower of Jesus or the law?

Jesus dealt with many of these issues in the sermon on the mount.

I ask you to study the message of Jesus and read the New Testament-Covenant and make your decision.

Keep your eyes on Jesus and follow Him.

God bless you on your journey.

Peace and blessings,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt

Luke 18:1