Arthur A Pilgrim Chapter-34


Praise the Lord! This morning when I got up I prayed with my children. I remembered every word that every preacher, missionary and other people I had spoken to in Singapore had said…you must have permission; you can’t get permission…to walk with the cross and to share Jesus in Singapore. I was filled with an air of excitement. I didn’t know what would happen, but I was confident that it was the will of God to do this. Whatever the outcome, I am ready to begin my walk with the cross. After praying, we went to downtown Singapore.

As I prepared to leave with the cross, we gathered in a little huddle around the cross. It was my first walk in Asia, and then I planned to continue my walk into Malaysia. What is before me? Jail? A hero? Or…nothing? I lifted the cross to my shoulder and took a step, my first step with the cross in Asia. Great glory! Directly in front of me was the general post office. I walked only a short distance and people began to come up and talk. A newspaper reporter arrived and a photographer, then more people arrived and began taking pictures. Then I saw a police van coming toward me. The policemen were sober faced as they looked at me. I prayed, “Lord, Jesus, if it’s Your will for me to walk on, You must make them pass me by. Whatever it is, I face it with You.” When the police van got beside the cross, it came almost to a stop and then the police began smiling and waving at me. I waved back and had no problems with the police anywhere in Southeast Asia! Glory to God.