Wallis and Futuna: “Gifts of Love”

‘Gifts of Love’

I can never forget the love and kindness of the beautiful of this world. I’ve walked the roads of every nation and major inhabited island group on earth and see the beauty of the people. Iraq solders giving my wife and me cold drinks and offering cigarettes. Israeli solders giving me their army c-rations of food, jungle tribes feeding me iguana eggs, an English gentleman getting me a room in one of the most elegant hotels on London. At a science base in Antarctica I’ll never forget the hot tea, in Jordan during Ramadan a car stopped and gave my two sons and I ice in the blazing hot summer sun! In India the people piled on garlands of flowers up my neck up to my eyes! Gunmen in Yemen sat with my wife and I and served us food and drink with the cross at the door of the house. A car stops on an American road and they have brought food and drink for a cross walking pilgrim. Dear, wonderful prayer and support partners in the U.S. have given the money to send us on to the world with the cross and the message of the cross. People the world over have taken us in and given food, a place to sleep and washed our clothes. Oh, tears fill my eyes as I write this and remember gifts of love from around the world. I am setting in my office writing this and all about me are hundreds of gifts from people around the world. It overflows into boxes and even a storage unit. A thief would see nothing to steal but I see the expressions of love given to us in now forty two years with the cross. I remember every cup, every chain, every painting, every coin, it’s a treasure.

I often feel that I have been given more than I have given. I pray not. I perhaps have received more ‘personal’ love gifts directly from more people in more places than anyone that has ever lived. I even keep the letters and cards and e mails; all treasures.

Makes me do an inventory of my ‘gifts of love’ and I think of their gifts. There is nothing like the beauty of love and kindness! The Bible says “God is love’. As followers of Jesus we should reflect love and express love to others. There is no better time to start than now at Christmas! When my wife Denise and I arrived on the remote islands of Wallis and Futuna no one knew we were coming. Then the word spread as we carried the cross along the beautiful small roads. Out came people with all types of garlands to hang around our necks. They showered us with gifts. They were so happy to see the cross and us. That night we lay out our gifts and took a photo. This was a reflection of their love and kindness.

I wonder what is the reflection people see in me? Stop by the mirror and take a look. What do you see? Listen to your answer phone message and what do you sound like? It’s easy to pick up bad habits and an unpleasant look. Let the ‘Gifts of Love’ pour out from us to the world. A phone call, an e-mail, a card, a gift, a kind word, forgiveness, a blessing, a smile, no arguments.

God in His love gave the greatest gift of love…His only begotten Son!

What gifts of love will you give?

The ultimate gift of love is giving Jesus and sharing Him with others. Think of ways you can share Him and reflect Jesus in your life, words and actions.

A good thing you could do is give the movie and book “The Cross” this Christmas or on birthdays and special occasions. Someway, some how my you be a giver and not just a taker of ‘Gifts of Love’.

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Peace and blessings,

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt,

Luke 18:1

Weeks ago I started with the letter A and will go to Z focusing on a nation or island group, and what I learned in that place. If you are looking for perfection then just read the Words of Jesus in the New Testament of the Bible. I’m only a pilgrim that has and is still on a journey with Jesus. He is constantly working on me like a potter does the clay. Welcome to the potter’s house!