We are still on the road with the cross overseas, so again this column will be a bit short. God willing we return this week and so my columns will get longer and have more scripture. At the moment I am trying to get baby Sophia fed and to sleep as Denise is off to the store to get diapers and baby food. Ha We are at her brother’s house in England.

Well what is the surprise?

I was just thinking about what a blessing little surprises are to people.

Acts of kindness and love are wonderful to people everywhere.

Holding the door open for someone.

Saying thanks.

Telling a person “God bless you”

Giving flowers to someone you love.

Mailing a card or letter to a family member or a friend or to someone that has blessed you.

A small gift to a person you go to visit.

Giving way in traffic for a car to get into the street.

Paying the toll for the next person behind you that your have never met or never will.

Making a thoughtful call to wish someone happy birthday or just to tell them you are thinking of them and praying for them today.

Taking care of an elderly persons rent for the month or a single mom or some person in need.

Should you be able too then pay of someone’s house loan or car loan.

Making a donation to some person or ministry that has blessed you.

Buying a good meal for a homeless person and getting them a room for the night or week.

On and on I could go but you understand the point.

I have a wonderful friend in Switzerland that just loves to give a gift to people that he is meeting or going to see. His gifts are always very thoughtful. He say he always want to bless people and leave them happier than when he met them.

Another friend of mine always pays the toll over the Golden Gate Bridge for the person behind him. I tried it and people are so shocked and smiling.

I am always touched at the people that remember my birthday, etc.

This is an area that I do need to improve on. Yet in many ways I am always seeking to give and bless other in unexpected ways.

It is such a blessing to seek to find ways to bless and surprise other with love and care.

As we bless others we are reflecting the love of Jesus.

For me there is no thought of return or reward or blessing. I just love to do it.

This week look of ways to surprise others with love and blessings.

The Bible says it is more blessed to give than to receive…so Give! Somebody need your love.

Peace, love and blessings.
Remember the surprise when you discovered that ‘Jesus loves Me’. You came to know Him and now follow Him. You can share that good news with others too.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt

Luke 18:1