Jesus! (Introduction)

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
(Hebrews 13:8 in the Holy Bible)

I am so excited I can hardly contain myself! This is an introduction of a series of columns about Jesus.

What I feel led to do is to look at the Person of Jesus as He is revealed in the scripture and how we are to relate to Him. This is not a Bible study it is simply looking at Jesus and seeing His life and then applying it to ours in the 21 st century.

Who is Jesus? What was the mission of Jesus? What did Jesus require of His followers? What power does Jesus have? Why did Jesus die on the cross? What does the resurrection of Jesus mean? When does Jesus rule and reign? Is Jesus really with me now?

These columns will take just a few short facts of the life of Jesus and then I will write about it.

What I pray is that you will come to ‘know’ Jesus and follow Him’¦the living real Jesus of the scripture and today. I too want to grow and become more like Jesus in every way.

Oh, I love Jesus. I have all my life. At the age of 7 I welcomed Jesus to be my Savior and Lord and gave my life to Him. Words cannot express the glory of living with Jesus all these years.

Since “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever’ then you and I can know, fellowship, talk with, travel with and live with Jesus! Wow.

The Jesus that is with you and me is the same Jesus that walked Galilee and the streets of Jerusalem!

This is not some watered down Jesus we have today. Jesus is not bound in His might and power by the devil or anything else. We will look into this later but I just wanted to mention it now.

What we learn will set us free and empower us to live in victory. However let me caution you. Jesus is the most radical man that has ever lived on this earth. He was not only loved by many but also hated. Jesus promised not only blessings for His followers but that they would face tribulation and be hated too by some.

The most dangerous thing you will ever do is to attempt to believe in and follow Jesus.

I welcome you to the journey. Welcome Jesus into your heart and commit to follow Him. Then join us each week.

We have a new baby Sophia and only God knows how much longer I have to live. I want to write down truths and teachings. In the event that I should depart for Glory before she is able to have me teach her all I know about Jesus, well this is my effort. I have grandchildren too and many of you are hungry to know more of Jesus.

I am going to write as a dying man to his family and friends about the person I love the most’¦Jesus (God who is Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit)! Just as I have given it my all walking around the world and in many other things so I will give my all to make this a glorious revelation of Jesus.

Please pray for me. Who knows, this could take months or even years to cover the subject.

We will have fun and I look forward to starting this next week as we begin with the birth of Jesus leading up to Christmas.

Peace, love and blessings,

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt

Luke 18:1