Jesus (Weary)

“Now Jacob’s well was there. Jesus therefore, being wearied from His journey, sat by the well. John 4:6

I am tired and weary tonight from a long weeks travels and cross walks. I feel good having done a good weeks work for Jesus! Ha

I tell you Denise and our daughter Sophia and I have been on the move. We have been carrying the cross in the old ruins and the surrounding areas of the 7 churches of Asia as spoken of in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. This is present day Turkey . We have had wonderful response and the area newspaper came out and did a story that was published. It was a good story with a photo of Denise and I carrying the cross in Ephesus .

Each day we traveled out to a new city and carried the cross in that area. We were on the road many hours a day in a minibus and then would unload the cross and carry it in these historic cities.

This trip has been glorious and tough. Glory. I do not mind working hard for Jesus. I grew up on a farm and worked hard to grow cotton, corn and soybeans. We also had a sawmill and so I worked cutting timber and at the sawmill. Why should I mind putting in a hard days work for Jesus? I might add that Denise has been doing the hard work.

Denise has had so much to do taking care of our 13 month old baby girl. Moving each day, packing and unpacking and preparing food and drink for Sophia. Sophia has had to sit in a car seat for hours on end. But we are happy to follow the call of Jesus.

It would be less tiring for me to just be carrying the cross all day rather than so much time sitting in a van but it was necessary to accomplish the will and call of God. I might add our crosswalks were not so long each day but the travel time was.

I will tell more next week of the powerful things I have learned about Jesus and Revelation in the next column or so. But in this column I just want to point out that Jesus got tired. Jesus felt the tiredness of a long walk and need drink and rest.

We feel that tonight. I’m sure many of you do too at the end of a long week. This is good and normal. I do not consider it suffering. Oh, just to mention that our cross walks were after over 24 hours of flying and being up over one and a half days with a baby. Ha

Jesus was tired and I am too. Ha

So I will end this column. I am happy and blessed and face a new week with the cross. Need some sleep and need to get Sophia to sleep tonight as we move out in the morning.

Love you all, God bless you,

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt