God’s Unique Call

I am on the road doing a cross walk overseas as I write this column. How blessed and happy I am to be on this mission for Jesus. As I was thinking and praying about writing this column, I thought on how God calls each of us in unique and different ways. The focus of this writing is to ponder the idea that God’s call fits our talents and personality.

For me, travel and seeing the world; meeting new people, experiencing danger and adventures is my natural desire. To me security and normality is my enemy! What lies over that hill? How will the sky look at dawn? In what manner do these people live? Tell me your ideas and let’s talk of life and love and God and marvel at the beauty that Jesus has created.

I do not fear people. I love to get to know them and I love to tell them about Jesus, life and eternity.

We have just packed and driven to the airport in Miami . We then went through the security, check-in and the overnight flight. We got our rental car and fixed in the baby car seat for Sophia, our daughter. Baby food, dirty diapers, moving our baggage and carrying the cross are part of every day life for us but we love it. Denise and I were just in the streets today. She was pushing the baby stroller and me carrying the cross. People gathered around and we shared the message of salvation. A news reporter came and did a story. I prayed with some to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord. It was very cold and windy but with Sophia in heavy winter clothing we went forth in the joy of the Lord. We preach tomorrow and that is more moving about. Then we move on the next day. Denise and Sophia will be in the car ahead of me and I will carry the cross through the towns and countryside witnessing and praying with people. The point I am making is that I love this. I love the packing and travel and all the delays and for me every thing that goes wrong opens the way for a witness and blessing.

God made me for the road. God made Denise my wife for travel and constant change. God made our beautiful new daughter Sophia for the road. She goes to sleep as soon as she gets in the car. She loves to meet new people and is just made by God for us.

For me the jungles are home, the cities are home, the world is my home. I feel at home wherever I go. Jesus made me this way.

Enough of myself, the point is that for some of you the above would be very difficult for you. You do not feel comfortable in these types of places and doing these things. No problem. Jesus made you and called you for another mission. No mission for Jesus is greater than the other. We are simply to obey and enjoy the call of God upon your own life.

Some God calls to live in one house and go to one church all your life. How wonderful and glorious. For another it is leaving home at an early age and studying in a distant city and going on to live in many cities. Jesus did not use a cookie cutter to make us. We are all different and unique and His call and mission for you and me fits our own personality and nature.

You do not need to be like me, nor me like you, but all of us should be like Jesus!

Wow, that is profound even if I did write it. Ha!

We are not all called to do the same things in the same way. We do all have the Word of God and the call to follow Jesus. But how Jesus works in your life and mine is unique and special and there is none like us in the entire world. How exciting!

Well, this column will be short as I am at someone’s house.

Have a blessed life. Live your life following Jesus. Don’t envy someone else’s life. Enjoy yours in the will of God.

I trust I can get to an internet connection next week and send you another column from the road. Pray for us.

God bless you,

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt

Luke 18:1