Crossing 42,000 miles with the Cross

All Glory to God. Jesus did it! April 14th, 2017 I crossed the 42,000 mile mark and am now carrying the cross on!!! This is between 1/5 and 1/6th of the distance to the moon at it’s nearest to the earth. 18 Billion pounds carried on my feet and 82 million steps. All to obey […]

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Countdown to 42,000 Miles Good Friday ‘Live’

Greetings fellow followers of Jesus, Arthur Blessitt crossing 42,000 miles carrying the cross on Good Friday April 14th @ 12 noon EST. “Go Live Streaming” on Facebook and Periscope. Join a worldwide audience to view this historic event. The cross carried, lifted up and the message of Jesus preached and souls saved. All Glory to […]

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