Our Beloved Windsor Died

Our beloved Windsor died Tuesday 5th March 2019 in Denise’s arms. He was our best friend and we’ll miss him always. What a blessing in our lives for 17 years and 11 months! There is a big empty spot in our home and our hearts. He appeared on many of our live streams as he always wanted to sit next to Denise as we recorded. We thank so many of you who prayed for him in his old age. Thank you for loving him and us. Arthur, Denise and Sophia Blessitt. www.blessitt.com Follow Jesus!

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  1. Dear Arthur, Denies and Sophia,

    I am so sorry about the loss of your beloved Windsor. I know how much it hurts to say goodbye for a season of time. I can only suggest that since there are horses in Heaven, Windsor is there too! The picture of Ms. Denise holding Windsor like a baby and knowing the compassion of our Lord, I can only imagine Jesus holding Windsor the same way! Glory!

    Also, guess who will be jumping around, with all the vitality of a puppy, when you cross the Jordan and Jesus welcomes you home!
    Glory be to God!

    We have Joy at the passing into Glory of our loved ones, why should it be any different with Windsor!

    We love you!

    God Bless you and your family Always,


  2. Dear Arthur and Denise
    I have just had the privilege of watching your dvd “The Cross”, so I thought that I would google you.
    My deepest, deepest sympathy to you in the loss of your darling Windsor. How these precious, precious animals creep into our hearts and claim them.
    This past Tuesday I had to have a stray dog put to sleep which I had been caring for for the past six months. Her name was PD (Precious Dog/Pavement Dog (that is where she was living)/Patio Dog (when she came to live with me and my two dogs)).
    Her courage was such an inspiration to me. Here in South Africa, there are so many tragic cases of dogs without owners, and in such poor condition. “Man’s Best Friend” , yet that’s what we do to him. I’m heartbroken for all these poor dogs.
    Arthur, I’m not much younger than you, and I stand in amazement at what God has done through you. Denise, thank you for the supportive wife you are to Arthur. May our wonderful Lord Jesus bless you both abundantly.
    I am hoping to be able to purchase three of your dvd’s – one for me, and one each for my daughters and their families.
    With love in Jesus

  3. Dear Arthur and Denise ,
    Sorry for loss Windsor, had been in family for long time will be miss. Endure the night but joy come in morning, May bless you all abundantly, he smiling at you all, Give thank unto Lord from you all just finish reading The harvest Ripe tell you it touch me reason for this cause had missionary program my topic is Harvest truly is great, but labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest that he would send forth labourers into harvest. When read your message truly blessing . Be bless in Jesus name.

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