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“Jesus and Me”

“Jesus and Me”

Jesus, you are my Life

My Love

The Air I breathe

The Water I drink

The Bread I eat

The Cross I carry

The Song I sing

The Reason for my everything

The Essences of my being

The Fulfillment of desire

The Everything above all else

In You I Live and move and have my being

Nothing is before You

Nothing is after You

You are my All in All

You are the Reason

You are the Beginning and End

You are always With me

I would not exist without You

With You there is no death

Only Eternal Life

My completion is near

You are With me and also Await me

Soon our Union will be Complete…

A pilgrim follower of Jesus,

Arthur Blessitt, Luke 18:1




Copyright © 2018   Arthur Blessitt

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