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Live “Soul Session at His Place” Worldwide Online! Arthur Blessitt

When: Midnight Denver, Colorado time. That is 2 AM EST  July 1st, 2018. Location: Online worldwide! Live! See the site links below. First time Live on the Internet.    “Turn on to Jesus”!!!   “You want to get High?” Then “Pray”.  “Want to get loaded?” “Load up on a little Matthew, Mark, Luke and John” “Jesus is the Ultimate Eternal Trip” “Jesus is the unending ‘Rush’! “Get ready for the trip of your life.”

You don’t want to miss this!!!! I started having ‘Soul Session on Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California in 1967. In 1968 we opened our Jesus Night Club called “His Place”. At midnight we would sing and preach in a very special way. The people were mostly young and hippies and other street groups mixed in with business people and gangs. It was free to come in and free coffee and snacks. I would speak in a way that related to those people as many were drunk or on drugs etc. I made a album that is a CD in our online store here. I will gather some of the things I still have from those days and will have a ‘Live streaming’ Soul Session at His Place worldwide online.

Please spread the word about this. All people are welcome, drunk or sober, stoned or not. Young or old. We will be sharing Jesus in a very special way and lifting people up to know and follow Jesus. 

A Radical pilgrim follower of Jesus, Arthur Blessitt.





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