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Blessitts Crosswalk Panama City, Panama & Jungle Blog

Final Update #9 for Panama cross walk and outreach! We are now back home in Colorado. Denise, Sophia and I, we are all blessed and healthy. Praise Jesus. We had wonderful response in Panama from a jungle village to Panama City. We are leaving behind so many wonderful friends, including many new followers of Jesus that were saved. Jesus was with us every step and with us in all the challenges. The last people we met on the last day out with the cross came up weeping and wanting Jesus! Others were asking us to go carry the cross in their city or jungle area. The people were so welcoming to us and the cross. God bless Panama! I love it there. Peace and blessings. If you would like to sign up for our e letter newsletter please go to this link and click on a newsletter and sign up at the top right of the page. I trust you have enjoyed this blog about the journey. Let know if you would like me to do more of this type report. Jesus bless you all. Love, Peace and salvation through Jesus Christ! Amen

Update #8 How do I express the great glory we are living in? This has been a wonderful time of peace, ministry, crosswalks, praying with people, meeting new wonderful friends, helping others to step into the will and calling of Jesus. I did not make contacts in advance of our arrival or while we were here. We arrived and went where we felt Jesus calling us. And yet we met people who knew me from the past and made refreshing fellowship. We went into many different areas in and about Panama City. Most of our live streaming was done in a Darien Village trip and the area along the waterfront. We were in other areas but I did the live streaming where we could get connections for the iPhone and where it was more quite so people could hear. However in the areas we carried the cross there was a eagerness to have us talk and share the Gospel and pray with them. The last two people we met were in tears and were saved. We have people wanting someone to come to their village and share Jesus. We could stay here and have a huge ministry going to places people want us to carry the cross in. As I’ve see all over the world the problem is not the people not wanting to talk and hear the message of Jesus. The problem is having enough willing people to tell the story of Jesus. That is the need Jesus spoke of in Matthew 9:36-28. I pray that our witness and training of people on social media will lead other followers of Jesus to go and share. I have people here wanting us to go to there village or city and carry the cross and preach and via e mail and comments online I have people begging me to go to their city, or nation. It is very difficult to say no but in person I cannot go to all these places yet through social media we can carry the cross and the message of the cross to all these places. So I must pray and seek to be the witness I can were Jesus leads. Back in 1979 I carried the cross through this Darien Jungle, however 39 years later my physical body is not what it was. I struggle in ways I don’t even want to talk about. But I still press forward. This afternoon I our hotel room I fell and hurt myself very badly. I’m in great pain and hurt my  knee also that has been a great challenge. I lay in the floor stunned and in pain but could only laugh. I hurt myself worse in a hotel room more than I ever did walking through the Darien Jungle years ago. I hurt setting here typing on the computer! Ha. We will be leaving soon for home back near Denver, Colorado. Now my next challenge is to make it through the airport and the long flight back. Very funny! Oh well. I don’t think I broke anything. Jesus bless you. I feel sleepy right now and I’m going to take a nap. Sure I’ll feel better afterwards. I will do one more post when we get home to complete the trip, God willing. My neck hurts. When I went on social media a few years ago I felt I should be honest in sharing the great and glorious message of Jesus and even the struggles of growing old. Love you all. God bless you.

Update #7 I am now setting at a desk facing the window and a huge storm rages with lighting and crashing thunder. It’s nature in a great show of wonder. But I’m glad to be inside. Was out this morning carrying the cross and had a wonderful time. Talking and praying with people. I felt Jesus tell me to preach like I do on the road. Almost every country and crosswalk Jesus gives me a chapter in the Bible or a verse or even a single word to focus on, pray and study during the time I’m carrying the cross. Even before or after. Here on this trip I am able to study using the computer in Greek and Hebrew. Studying the meanings of each word. The scripture here in Panama is: “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” Luke 19:10 I focused on ‘seek’. Jesus came to ‘seek’ ‘search’ you can hear the message on our Facebook page  That is what we are doing in sharing the message of the Gospel, the Cross and …..Jesus! That people will be saved. I felt a great anointing as I ministered today. A Holy Spirit urgency! Several people said the same. I look forward to the next word soon…’save’! In these years of carrying many days I walked with the cross in the rain and thunder storms. I was out in the storm. Today I’m inside watching. The storm arrived just as I arrived back to the room. This has been a great break for us. To go overseas where we lived most of the past 50 years carrying the cross. I can truly say I love all people, in every nation, every color and language. God loves the world. God is love. So His love should fill each of us and we should express it to all the same. I am so eager to share this same message on YouTube and Periscope and Twitter. On the roads of the world I often preached from 10 to 25 times a day. I preached where crowds gathered. Now, I can be walking in a place with very few people on the street but crowds viewing on social media. As I was typing this I received a notice of a e mail. I looked at it and it was a family I met last Saturday. I talked with the man and then his wife and two children arrived. They knew Jesus but were seeking the will of God for their lives in where to live and work and for the calling of Jesus. They sent a photo. Tears filled my eyes and they said ‘thank you’. I am so excited but also so tired and in a lot of pain. But it is worth it. I will never complain. I will Praise the Lord and thank Jesus that tonight I don’t have to sleep in the wet and cold. But when I do I still Praise the Lord. Jesus bless you all. God bless you. Glory. Oh Denise and Sophia came out this morning and Sophia carried the cross. This is her 50th country to be in with the cross. Of course she was a baby in some of those. Denise also carried the cross but she has been in Panama before. Great to have them with me and with the cross.

Update #6 A very wonderful refreshing day. I needed to take a day off to rest this body. It has always been the same for 50 years on the road. It was most of the time resting one day a week, now for the past few years its more often, depending on how my body feels. I seek to respond to my physical needs. I should be out with the cross early in the morning. I did a live stream in social media at noon today. Took a while to get the 12 foot cross placed in the room and the three iPhones in a place that would work with the room lights and the outside light. Praise Jesus I think it worked. I studied the scriptures I was using in the study of the Book of John last night again and then early this morning. I pray to understand the fulness of Jesus teaching and ministering and then make it simple and natural. The Holy Spirit makes it Powerful. This has been a very great challenge for my strength and pain level coming here to Panama and going to the streets in the heat and the muddy trails and uneven land out in the jungle. Jesus wanted us here and Denise and Sophia are loving it too. I have to pace myself as I want to do more than sometimes my body can stand. That comes with over 42,500 walking miles now with a 12 ft. cross and thousands of sermons in every nation in the world plus the island groups. All the hit, bangs, weight, etc take a toll. I am happy to serve my Savior and the challenges are a blessing unto the Lord Jesus. We are to be a living sacrifice! Glory. Better stop or I’ll start preaching. Ha. Jesus bless you. Should you not know Jesus pray and believe and receive Jesus as your Savior now!!! Love and blessings.

Update #5 Glory, we made it! Jesus did it. Denise and Sophia got a 4 wheel bicycle to ride as I carried the cross and a causeway to some islands. You could see the Bridge of the Americas on the Pan American Highway. It had been raining but when we got out there it was just a few drops. Rain stopped and oh the heat and humidity was tough. I walked too far and we turned back. People started to stop and it was glorious but I was so hot I could hardly stand on my feet. Denise and Sophia rode up ahead to get something cool. I had a mini revival along the roadside trail. It was glorious and I told the Lord Jesus it was a great place to call me home…but of course He had other plans and that was for me to walk on!!!! Pray with more people. We unbolted the cross and Denise waved down a taxi. He had see me carrying the cross and worked hard to get the cross in his car after we unbolted it. Made it to the room and Sophia and I were so tired and dizzy but Denise was still fresh and strong. What a woman! She is unreal. By the end of the day we were all fine. Praise Jesus. Another day ahead…. Praise Jesus.

Update #4 Praise Jesus, it’s been over a week here and from the Darien jungle to the Panama City streets we have carried the cross and shared Jesus. Saw many saved and many others challenged to fellowship close to Jesus and share the message of Jesus with others. Many tens of thousands of people have viewed the live streams and posts from around the world. There is deep conviction here and it is a blessed pleasure to be carrying the cross and the message of the cross here again. Our bodies needed a day to refresh so today is the day. Sleep and rest and resting my feet and legs and body. Denise and Sophia also needed to sleep in and rest. Denise painting some of the beauty here. She is a great painter in my opinion. I’m reading the Word, praying and replying to comments on social media. Watched a little ‘world cup’ on tv. Wish people were that excited about Jesus as a little round ball. Oh, others are watching golf where they have an even smaller ball. My God made a big round world and all the universe, that is who I’m excited about. The One who can save a soul and give eternal life. Sometime (a lot of the time) many people see me carrying the cross and took at me as if I am very strange. That is ok. I’m not ashamed of Jesus or the cross or the message of the cross. Have taken the cross and the message of Jesus in person and on TV and internet and via DVD’d and movies and radio to every nation and island group. I glory in the cross! Even as I rest today and sleep I’m still preaching and teaching Jesus through all the media. Tomorrow, God willing will be back with the cross on my shoulder giving out Jesus Stickers and Gospel tracts and sharing the Good New of the Gospel with others. I desire to give my all….to the very end of this life’s journey in lifting up Jesus and the cross and calling people to know and follow Him. Love you all and thanks for the prayers and support. Your word and care is a great blessing. Blessed and beautiful words are like drops of cool rain and a hot day on the road. Thanks for the love. Love you too. Peace.

Update #3 Oh, today was glorious! So good to be up and out early with the cross on my shoulder and my wife Denise by my side. We left Sophia sleeping in bed. She was very tired. God is so good to me! Walking with my wife with whom we’ve been together through the world. We shared Jesus with others but one very special lady came to us wanting to talk. I have a app on my phone where you can speak English and it repeats in Spanish. The person speaks in Spanish and it comes out in Spanish in word and text. Wow. I can speak some road Spanish and some witness of Jesus and the sinners prayer in Spanish. She was so happy and wanted to hold the cross. I put it on her shoulder and she was overcome with joy!!! What a thrill to be such a blessing. What a wonderful world this could be. We hugged and prayed and said goodbye till we meet on the golden shore. We take a few more steps and there is another person.

Oh what a life I’ve lived. One soul to the next. Giving love and receiving love. Walking with Jesus. I set in this room, one of thousands from sleeping bags to just laying on the ground to air conditioned Just walking and lifting up the cross for Jesus and for others to see Jesus and know and follow Him.

By God’s grace I’ll face another sunset and sunrise…looking forward to another adventure with Jesus. Another soul saved and rejoicing with the heavenly hosts. Until then….

Update #2 Yesterday we got a driver/interpreter and had prearranged a visit to a Darien Jungle village. He drove and then arrived at a river where we got on a small long boat with two young men from the tribe. We went for about half and hour and arrived at the village with the sounds of the jungle music with drums etc. The old man of the village remembered his father telling of helping my with my backpack as I was carrying both it and the cross in the thick jungle in 1979. That was when I carried the cross along the Pan American Highway from North America to South America. I carried the cross through the Darien Jungle. One of the first, if not the first to walk alone through the entire Darien, much less carrying a 12 ft. cross.

Needless to say that mans father was a great help to me getting through a tuff stretch of jungle to the next village. We talked and I lead him in a prayer. Also the children were in a hut in school and I talked and prayed with them. The people served Denise, Sophia and I some fresh fish and other jungle food. It is rainy season and lots of mud. Our guide Octavio was great and a powerful help to me with the cross and mud and wet boat.

We shared Jesus and gospel material. The people as always loved the Jesus Stickers. Because of the rain and being under trees it was not too hot. We did our best and many prayed the prayer of salvation and blessings. These are beautiful people and they welcomed us warmly. We even got a dance! Now at the age of 77 I may not be in the jungles much more. It has been a great part of my life in many places on earth. We were so blessed to be able to go back to the jungles and visit with such lovely people.

I am recovering today from yesterday. My legs are weak and my head is dizzy. God willing I will go out early in the morning to carry the cross in Panama City. Many markets and streets filled with people. I love this also. Being out with the cross and with people is so great. It has been my calling and mission in life.

Oh, some how yesterday I was able to get power on my iPhone from AT&T and did live streaming on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Periscope. I got the best live stream on Facebook if you want to check it out. FaceBook

More soon!!!!!

Update #1 Denise and Sophia are with me as we carry the cross in Panama, Panama CA. It is hot!!!! Hot! The photo is in Panama City. Then we will go to other places in the Darien Jungle, Panama Canal, Old City and modern Panama City etc. I am live streaming on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Periscope in this photo.

I carried the cross here in 1979 when I was 28 years old. You can read that crosswalk through the Darien Jungle here at this link. Panama

I’m now 77 years old and the heat is tuff and with my legs and other aging problems it is going to be a real challenge but the call of Jesus is what we obey.

This is the 50th country for Sophia to be in with the cross at the age of 14. Denise was here before with me and the cross in the San Blas Islands of Panama in 2003.

This is also my 50th year of carrying the cross.

Tomorrow we drive out to a Darien Jungle where we get on a boat and go to a village where the chief is to welcome us and the cross.  Please pray for us as we deal with everything from the heat to my age. Ha.

Love and blessings. Oh, I must tell you that the welcome so far is awesome and so many praying and others challenged to share Jesus.

Feels so good to be back overseas! Wow. I do love the people of all the world. Peace on earth. Let’s keep lifting up Jesus and the cross and calling others to repent and believe and know and follow the living Christ. Jesus bless you. Amen.

We welcome your prayers,

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur, Denise and Sophia

Luke 18:1


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