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The god of ‘I’ Self

The god of self: The arrogance of the human mind in trusting their perception of God and His character is greater than God’s revelation of Himself as revealed in the Holy Scripture in the Bible is astounding yet common today.

Many people think their view of God, is the way God is!…

Not how God is revealed in Holy Scripture.

This results in the loss of Truth. 

When the human view of the world supersedes the written Word of God in the Bible, this results in a ‘cleansed’ version that is compatible with an emotional/experienced based ‘feeling’ that is in conflict with the Bible.  

Instead of having a solid, firm spiritual compass to guide, lead and even warn us of dangers as based in the scriptures of the Bible. We have a ‘feeling, an impulse, constantly changing’ chaos of thoughts mixing of the way one lives or what one believes.  

In this manner ‘I’ becomes God. One’s self is the determining factor for all truth. One’s feelings and emotions are the basic foundation of life and values. 

The concept of the Eternal and Almighty God actively at work in this world and in peoples lives is alien. The idea of a personal Savior Jesus Christ dying on a cross and shedding His Holy Blood for one’s sins becomes delusional. 

The concept of the primary source of truth being contained within one’s own experiences and feelings overrides all divine revelation as contained in historical scripture.

The result is billions of gods being created at the whim of people. Made in their own likeness and for their own pleasure. Designed in their own image. This self created god has no more power than the one who created it. Since they did not create themselves and live only a brief time upon earth these gods are constantly passing away. 

For those who question or search, Jesus has a statement that provides direction. Jesus said, “I am the Way the Truth and the Life.” and He continues “No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

These words separate Jesus from all others in history. Everyone stands on one side or the other of this revelation. There is no middle ground! Period. Jesus said “The one not with Me is against Me, and the one not gathering with Me, scatters.” Matthew 12:30.

The “I” god cannot handle this. For one must bow in humble knowledge of our sinful condition…our lost condition…our hopeless state. The “I” god wants to be self-sufficient. No need for the cross and the Blood. In order to be saved one must realize and admit we are lost and sinful. Belief in the Lord Jesus Christ is necessary as one repents and turns to the Cross and the Blood of Jesus for forgiveness of sin and receives salvation in Him. 

But the matter goes on… Jesus arose from the grave on the third day and has ascended into heaven to make intercession for us. The Holy God is revealed as God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

God creates in us a new heart and makes of us a new creation when we receive Jesus. One is now a part of the eternal family of God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. 

The loving and caring Eternal Almighty God knows you, created you and sent His Son Jesus to die for your sins. Oh, fall into Jesus’ loving arms in repentance and ask for mercy and salvation. Jesus will hear and come into your life and put your name in the Book of Life in heaven.

As a saved follower of Jesus there is plenty of emotion, love and guidance. I live in a glorious relationship with God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. But any feeling or desire must line up with the Word of God in the Holy Bible or I am putting the flesh or worldly mind over the Bible. At that moment I need to stop, repent, confess to God and have the Holy Spirit refresh my mind with the pure leadership of Jesus. In other words we have God’s Word as the guidepost to following Jesus. To show us when we are getting off the Way we should be walking.

We are to live filled with the Holy Spirit. Jesus will lead you and the Father keeps you in His mighty Hands. 

You can have a beautiful relationship with the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. I encourage you to get a Holy Bible and start reading and studying it. My suggestion is to start with the Book of Luke or John in the New Testament and then study the Book of Philippians. It would be good to get in a gospel preaching church. Also to be baptized should be one of the first things you do now. 

I suggest you also go to this link on my website and study it now. It will help you understand how to live out your life with Jesus now. 




We invite you to repent of your sins, believe in Jesus, ask Jesus to be your Savior and confess that you now saved and a follower of Jesus. 

We rejoice with you,

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur, Denise and Sophia Blessitt

Luke 18:1


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