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“Message from Jesus!”

One night Jesus spoke to me. 

“I will cover you in the path I have

called you to walk.

Do not detour to the right or to the left.

I have never failed you in the past.

I will not in the future.

Walk in that path.

Walk in My way.

Walk in My Glory.

Rest and be at peace.

Follow Me.

I Am with you.

I Am enough.

Obey not the other voices calling.

I Am Jesus.

Thy Lord and God.

To Me: Arthur Blessitt.” Luke 18:1


Dear God,

“Ask Jesus into my heart and life.

I repent of my sins. Wash me in the 

Blood of Jesus shed on the cross. Give

me a new life. I am not ashamed of Jesus.

Use me as a witness of Jesus. 

In Jesus Name I pray. Amen!”

Photo: Arthur Blessitt praying on the road

with the cross. 

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