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Happy Birthday Denise Blessitt, Jesus bless you!

In this photo Denise is carrying the cross in Jerusalem. Happy Birthday! She says her favorite place to be in the world is with me on the road with the cross. Once she was saved, she wanted to be a missionary but couldn’t decide where to go. Jesus had it all worked out. He has led her all around the world with me and the cross in 294 countries and island groups as she witnessed openly and publicly for Jesus. I can’t think of any other lady in Christian history who has done that. Denise is truly a Godly woman full of love, kindness, compassion, faith and fearless in the face of danger. Strong yet tender. She has a deep love for the lost and of sharing Jesus. She’s not ashamed of the cross or Jesus and witnessing to anyone anywhere. I love you, my love, my wife! Your husband, Arthur Blessitt and daughter Sophia. Repent, believe, receive, confess Jesus as your Savior. www.blessitt.com You can send her greeting should you like. Jesus bless you.

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