Dramatic Events with the Cross

“The car slammed into my left side. I went flying into the air hitting the roof of the car. I felt I was floating in the arms of Jesus. I landed standing up to the total amazement of my son Joshua.” Chile

“With the cross on my shoulder and my son Joshua holding my hand we walked through two blocks of land mines. I could only keep saying ‘Jesus, Jesus’ knowing that the next step could our last.” Lebanon

“Blood kept running into my eyes from the crash on the rocks as the cliff gave way and I fell into the raging waters below.” Darién Jungle- Panama

“I slapped my arm and it turned red from the blood the mosquitoes had sucked from my body.” Darien Jungle- Panama

“The sloshing and wet was not the water in my boots but that of blood. But I could not stop. I pressed on one step at a time.” Africa

“It was dark. I felt my foot break a trip wire in the war torn city. I lunged forward behind a building pulling my son Joshua as the street exploded in flames.” Lebanon

“Like a game I would give my children a piece of candy for each gun they saw shooting as we walked together with the cross between two fighting armies.” Northern Ireland

“I felt the cold steel of the knife against my throat and his screams filled my ears but I kept preaching. ‘What a way to die I thought, this is it.” Amsterdam

Thorn bushes lined the highway. To miss the traffic I would have to fall into the thorn bushes. By the end of the day my flesh and cloths were pierced with dozens of bloody punctures. This went on day after day along the Pan American Highway. Mexico

“I stood leaning into the car window holding the cross. A lady was shouting at me that there was no God. Suddenly a bomb exploded. When I came to my senses I realized I was laying in the ladies lap with my feet out the window and the lady was begging me…pray, pray.”  Belfast

“There was no room on the highway for two trucks to meet and for me carrying the cross. I looked to the side and there was only a cliff and hundreds of feet below a stream of water. I cried ‘Jesus’ and leaped into the air.” Spain

“My mouth was dry. The thirst was overwhelming. I knelt down and pushed the green scum back that covered the stagnant water. Little creatures were moving in the water as I put my head in to drink.” South America

“The starving children were walking along the road with the cross. They boney legs carried them and the stomachs were bloated. Yet they were smiling at me. The water pouring from my face was not only sweat but tears as my heart broke in pain.” Ethiopia

“The heat was over 120 degrees. In the desert heat I felt faint. Then I felt cold and then a piercing headache. I knew death was near as I fell under a little tree.” Jordan

“The ship was rocking as I carried the cross on the thick board from the dock to the deck. A wave crashed and I stood weaving holding the cross. Then I fell with the cross into the sea.” Philippines

“I saw the Green Mamba snake with its mouth open leaping toward my face. I screamed ‘Jesus’ and fell backwards.” Ghana

“Without a sound I saw the huge dog charge toward me and jump to attack my neck. I threw up my arm and felt its teeth ripping my flesh.”  Sinai Desert

“The shooting, bombs and shelling had gone on for hours all around. Then it was quite.

I walked to the open window and looked out. At that moment a bomb exploded across the street and all I could see was fire coming at me.” Beirut

“The clubs were smashing the cross and pounding my body. I cried out ‘get supper ready Jesus. I think I’m coming home.” North Africa

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  1. This is cool.

  2. A true inspiration! In my late teens, early 20’s I walked all over the US, sometimes hitch hiking, but mostly walking. I made the trip from northern Kentucky to northern California 7 times, my first trip was from Kentucky to tip top of Maine then to Oregon, then San Francisco, to Reno Nevada, caught a bus from there home to Kentucky. As I traveled I never recall feeling fearful or worried about my next step. Along with my deaf pitbull Echo and usually another person, we always made it thru some days were easier than others but God always sustained us the entire way. I look back and I feel as though I had something like a bubble around me protecting me from the danger that could have been. I learned alot out there, as young girl. When I would call home every 2-3 months my mother would beg me to stop saying “I will be raped and left in ditch was her worst fear, that she would receive this phone call one day” I would rebuke the negative words she spoke, she couldn’t understand how I was surviving with no money, where was I sleeping, how am I eating? I Couldn’t really understand it either, I just knew that I was and didn’t really think much of it, I really didn’t try, I just trusted. As I am just now getting to know who Arthur Blessitt is and what he endured in his travels, my travels look like a walk in the park in comparison. though I relate to him, his journey is nothing short of mind blowing, and a true testimony to how God keeps us from the darkness, how He carries us when we feel we can’t go another step, how He feeds us if only we don’t let worry enter our minds. He is faithful and always comes thru! Thank you Arthur Blessitt! And God Bless you! U are an American hero in my eyes!

  3. Man this is great! I stumbled across this website and im glad I did. Ive ordered the teaching and documentary. Im eager to get it. Been trying to figure out how to turn my and my family’s faith up a couple notches. Im hooked on reading about the journeys. Thanks Arthur and family for documenting so many details and dedicating your lives. Truly inspiring! God is amazing! … I had an idea..maybe youve already done it.. but what if you had like a globe map of your trails..or like a 3D map.. Thanks agsin and Glory to Christ!

  4. March 23, 2016
    I awoke on Sunday morning about 33 years ago after first being introduced to Arthur on a 700 club show on TV just days before that, I had been so touched by the love of Jesus that was all around him. I heard coming out of my mouth that morning as I spoke to my husband, “I just wish I could be in the presence of Arthur Blessitt”. To my utter amazement, my husband responded by telling me that he had heard that Arthur Blessitt was speaking in a church near our house that morning. I thought he was joking, but he was not. We jumped up and got ready and went to the meeting. Then afterwards, God orchestrated a special gift to me to show how He hears and cares for the desires of my heart. We were invited to have lunch in a lovely home in the presence of Arthur Blessitt. We were able to hear him share of many deeply touching encounters that have truly changed our lives. Thank you for your beautiful example of a life sold out to Jesus. Rita and Ed Dykstra

  5. Arthur you are a true inspiration. Thanks for giving us a modern day version of total abdondment in following Jesus. May the Lord continue to bless you in the journey home!!

  6. What can I say! Yesterday I watched your video, and today I shared it with all my Whatap friends. Your obedience to the divine call, your trust in the Lord even under threat of being killed, everywhere putting your life on line despite warnings indicating that it will be the end of your life, passing on the vision to your wife and children, loving people without any form of discrimination, committed to the divine call far from spotlights and fame, as well as your attitude trusting him and being willing to die doing his will rather than being out of his will … all these have inspired and challenged my faith, my level of obedience to the Lord, and encourage me, as a Missionary Pastor to press on till the end. I pray the Lord to always remember you and use mightly your testimony in many lives. You are a real blessing, and thank you so much for creating such a legacy of a role model in trusting the Lord no matter what. Shalom be upon you and your family.

  7. The challenges you faced were awful. But you came out alive, thanks to Jesus. The one about the little starving children walking with you. God Bless those children. You inspire me.

    Christine Duval
    Tucson, AZ

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