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Arthur preaching, praying at Dare2Share Simulcast Nationwide witness for Jesus Christ

What a glorious time as tens of thousands of teenagers at almost a hundred venues across America gathered to learn how to share Jesus and then went out to witness and pray with people outside. They returned to give thrilling reports of people saved and prayed with.

It was a powerful time great singers like Shane & Shane etc. ministered. Then Greg Stier the founder and leader of Dare2Share.org delivered a powerful message on youth movements and awakenings in history going back to Jesus. It was one of the most powerful messages on Jesus Movements  and revival I’ve ever heard.

The live audience and the thousands viewing the simulcast did not know I was there. Greg called me onstage with the cross as he said I was one of the original Jesus People on Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California. The moment was electric! I shared a short word and them lead in a prayer of anointing and empowering the young people to allow Jesus to work through them for a new Jesus Movement. In the prayer I asked for the teens to answer to God ‘Here am I Lord Send Me’!!!!

I then lead everyone in a Jesus Cheer. I stared the Give me a J cheers back in 1968. Give me a J!!! E!!! S!!! U!!! S!!! What does that spell? JESUS!!! ‘What are you gonna do with Jesus? Go! Go! Go! Sophia our teenage daughter came up and stage and helped me with the cheer.

Following that two young people came up on stage, one boy and one girl. I put the cross and the girls shoulder and prayed. Symbolically passing the cross and the anointing and mission of taking the cross and the message of Jesus to the world in a fresh move of the Holy Spirit in Revival Awaking. They carried the cross into the audience to cheers and praise to God. We believe this will ignite the sharing of Jesus and His love all over the nation and world.

At the age of 77 and on October 27 I will be 78 God willing, this was a wonderful event for me to be a part of. The old man at a teenager nationwide gathering. As we age we pause and look around and find great joy in seeing the youth on fire for Jesus. One generation passing from earth to heaven and leaving the message of Jesus to the youth to carry on!!!!! Thanks Greg for the great vision and commitment to minister with the youth for awaking in our world today.

We are leaving for more great events this week. Come back to read more on our website blog. Events are moving forward….’The Glory of the Coming of the Lord is a Hand’ Jesus told me to proclaim when I was on beside the Amazon River years ago.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt, Luke 18:1 www.blessitt.com 



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