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Arthur on TBN TV ‘Praise’ with Matt and Laurie. Two special programs!

TBN TV “Praise” Matt and Laurie Crouch host Arthur Blessitt, and Gavin and Patty MacLeod of ‘Love Boat’.  This is a powerful and exciting program as we all lift up Jesus. This will be shown worldwide.

Second program below: With Matt and Laurie hosting Arthur in this emotional program.

The 50th anniversary celebration of Arthur Blessitt carrying the cross. 

It was wonderful to be with Matt and Laurie along with Caylan and Cody. I have known Matt since 1976. We are great friends and he directed the movie “The Cross, the Arthur Blessitt Story” and “Arthur a Pilgrim”. They are doing a great ministry in leading TBN on sharing Jesus. Please share this and have your friends watching. Oh, you can also watch online by going to TBN.org. 

Dare2Share Simulcast

What a glorious time as tens of thousands of teenagers at almost a hundred venues across America gathered to learn how to share Jesus and then went out to witness. Singers like Shane & Shane ministered. Then Greg Stier the founder and leader of Dare2Share delivered a powerful message on youth movements. The live audience and the thousands viewing the simulcast did not know I was there. Greg called me onstage with the cross as he said I was one of the original Jesus People on Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California. The moment was electric! I shared a short word and then led in a prayer of anointing and empowering the young people to allow Jesus to work through them for a new Jesus Movement. In the prayer I asked for the teens to answer to God ‘Here am I Lord Send Me’!!!!

I then led everyone in a Jesus Cheer. Sophia our teenage daughter came up on stage and helped me with the cheer. Following that two young people came up on stage, one boy and one girl. I put the cross and the girl’s shoulder and prayed. Symbolically passing the cross and the anointing and mission of taking the cross and the message of Jesus to the world in a fresh move of the Holy Spirit in Revival Awakening. They carried the cross into the audience to cheers and praise to God.

Operation Mobilization with George Verwer 

Denise and I had a wonderful personal visit with George Verwer the founder of OM which is one of the largest mission groups in the world. They share Jesus in nations around the world. We shared about reaching the world for Jesus and had prayer together. He was with his close friend Ron Forberg. It was a powerful time together for two truly world evangelists. 

Bill Henderson’s Birthday

It was Bill Henderson’s Birthday and Denise and I had lunch with Bill and Jimbo. We have been friends for decades and ministered together in crosswalks and meetings in America and other places in the world. He is a truly great evangelist. Powerful in leading people to Jesus. You have seen him with the Power Team and with his brother Ken doing power feats at meetings on TV. After lunch we did a live stream on Facebook and Youtube and Twitter. We had a powerful talk and witness as the manager of the restaurant prayed to receive Jesus. I was honored to write one of the forwards to his new book “Secrets for the seeker” by Dr. Bill Henderson.

Carrying the cross and sharing Jesus!

There is a glorious, powerful, anointing during the crosswalks this fall. The work of the Holy Spirit is drawing people in a beautiful way. Many days it is just one person coming to the cross after another. Some many burst into tears, others stop their cars in the traffic and jump out to talk and pray. I am blessing children and anointing preachers for fresh ministry. I have seen great moves of Jesus in the world and I must say that increasingly our personal and online social media ministry is huge and so many are being saved and commissioned into Jesus ministry. It’s just glory, glory, glory!

Arthur Blessitt now 78 years old!

Can you believe this!!! It’s hard for me to believe Jesus kept me alive this long. I never thought I’d make it to 30 years old. Jesus did it. All glory to God. I want to sow all the seed that Jesus put in my barn before He calls me to Heaven. I am happy and blessed. Gina, Joel and Joy my eldest children had a late birthday lunch with their dad…me! What a wonderful time remembering cross trips around the world.

Two friends passed into Heaven. 

Bishop Dennis Leonard of Heritage Christian Center

went to his Jesus last week. Our offices were in the church there for several years. He was always focused on leading people to Jesus. We loved him so much. Please pray for Michele his wife and all the family and church here in the Denver area. A mighty man of God. We loved him so much.

Glenn Schwartz of PG&E. This rock legend was one of the greatest guitar players in history. He heard us preaching on Sunset Strip and then came to our His Place Jesus coffee house and was saved in 1968. He shook up the rock and roll world with his radical testimony for Jesus. He played and introduced me when I preached at the West Palm Beach International Rock Festival in November of 1969. The top bands were there and I shared Jesus with them as well as the tens of thousands of young people. Glenn and I stayed in touch through the years and Denise and I had a prayer meeting with him on the phone the day before he went to heaven. Glenn was always seeking to lead people to Jesus. 

Andrew Wommack will be interviewing Denise and I next week. He is a wonderful friend and powerful voice for Jesus in the world today. The program will be on his website next year. Pray for this time of witness and blessings.      

Sophia Blessitt is planing on going to Mexico to minister in an orphanage during Thanksgiving week. She was there last year also. She has a great passion for world missions. Should you want to help in the expense of this trip and support of the orphanage please designate your donation for Sophia missions. This will include this trip or others trips she will be making. 

This is just a part of the outreach we have been doing.  

Thanks for your love, prayers and faithful support to send us on for Jesus with the cross. Please pray for us as we go into the harvest fields sharing the cross and Jesus. 

Pilgrim followers of Jesus, Arthur, Denise and Sophia Blessitt, 

Luke 18:1

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