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Arthur Blessitt and Bill Henderson

It was Bill Henderson’s Birthday today. Denise and I had lunch with Bill and Jimbo. We have been friends for decades and ministered together in crosswalks and meetings in America and other places in the world. He is a truly great evangelist. Great in leading people to Jesus. You have seen him with the Power Team and with his brother Ken doing power feats at meetings on TV. After lunch we did a live stream on Facebook and Youtube and Twitter. Over lunch we had a powerful talk and witness.

I was honored to write one of the forwards to his new book “Secrets for the seeker” by Dr. Bill Henderson. To order a copy go to www.remnantgatheringchurch.org

Here is a part of my forward: “There are books with inspiration. Some about great faith. Others about theology or awesome adventures. But “Secrets for the Seeker” is all of the above plus the anointing fire of the Holy Spirit. 

I invite you to take a life-changing journey into secrets revealed, a journey that will transform you, and a journey with Jesus that will change your world and change the world we live in……..”

What a way to start off the awesome months of October and November!

Much more to come in the days ahead, God willing. Come back to check on our latest news.

Jesus bless you, Pilgrim followers of Jesus, Arthur and Denise Blessitt, Luke 18:1

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