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Witness in remote places!

I would like to share some of the witness of Jesus in some remote island groups and in some witnessing in remote places around the world. Just take some time and read this. See yourself in remote places sharing Jesus. Sometimes there has been thousands of people gathering for the cross eager to hear the message of Jesus. But at other time it has been sharing Jesus in remote places. I know this will be a rich blessing. 

  • Switzerland at night– Jesus said ‘give up your dreams’ I struggled as I lay on the sidewalk. ‘but You gave them to me’ Jesus said ‘then I can take them away’. Jesus said ‘Let your dream be no bigger than the next person you meet.”
  • Tristan de Cunha

After six days at sea we arrived at this incredible bit of land and population in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It is about a thousand miles to Africa and about a thousand six hundred miles to South America. This is one of the most remote populated islands in the world!

Many times the passing ship cannot land passengers because of rough seas. Praise God this day was calm and almost no waves. We landed by zodiac (small rubber boat). 

There is a population of about three hundred people. They live in one small town. There is a post office that opens for the visitors seeking the rare postage stamps and postmark. 

I carried the cross along the narrow road and then through the potato fields. They try to grow local food as ships only stop a few times a year. 

Denise and I got to know one special family that we have stayed in touch with now for years. I prayed with that one man to receive Jesus. 

We had lunch at the little town restaurant and meet many of the locals. We got to share Jesus with the local people. They were welcoming of the cross, Denise and me. Many of the people would pray with us to receive Jesus. This is a wonderful place of witness for Jesus as it was one more remote island that the cross has been carried in. 

*JapanMt. Fuji, standing in its majestic beauty is the symbol of Japan. It rises from the sea in a cone shape to a towering 12,388 feet. It took me three days climbing up a winding road, a distance of about 32 miles, with a highway up to the fifth stage to a height of about 7500 feet. Denise joined me on foot to do the major climb to the top. Our cross walk in Japan would not be complete without this. God had specifically told me to carry the cross up Mt. Fuji. Denise carried the backpack, I carried the cross up, up, up. The air was getting gradually thinner with less oxygen the higher we got. Mt. Fuji is a dormant volcano with the ground being covered in volcanic boulders and fine ash. The climb gets progressively tougher. There were few Japanese going up but there were two platoons of U.S. Marines from the bases in Japan making the climb. They were climbing a bit faster than us so we had a great witness to them as they would pass. These young men were so kind and often help me up and over a tough place. Denise and I had a plate of rice and curry at a rest camp about half way up. Then we made our final struggle to the summit. Oh, I tell you it was tough. My poor cross was crashing against the huge rocks. We climbed up past snow and the air grew colder, dense clouds swept by us but on this day none engulfed us, nor did it rain. On the final ascent, in the toughest area, a group of six Marines were resting where we stopped. They volunteered to help me get the cross to the top. They said, “All the way with the cross, we’ll raise it up at the top like the flag on Iwo Jima!” They carried the cross with three or four at a time holding it. It exhausted us all but finally we made it. The cross of Jesus was uplifted atop Mt. Fuji! Hallelujah. All these young men gathered around the crater and we posed for photos and had a prayer together. One Marine gave his life to Jesus on the climb up. Another Marine gave his life to Jesus on the way down. Truly this was a tough but glorious walk with the cross. Getting down was difficult also because of the weight of the cross pushing. The ash was slippery and it was difficult to stand. A group of Marines also helped us get the cross down.

Just after nightfall, Denise and I fell into each other arms in joy, tiredness and thanksgiving. A great miracle of healing took place on the mountains. Denise said in Jesus name, “I’m going to climb that mountain”. The Lord had promised to meet us there in His glory. He did, and Denise was completely healthy up and down that mountain her. All glory to God.

If you would like for me to share more stories of witness in remote places or sharing Jesus with just one person or a small group of people in places where a revival brakes out. Let me hear from you if you like me to share revival braking out in the most unlikely places. If you like I will tell about sharing Jesus in these places. Praise Jesus.

Jesus bless you. Arthur and Denise Blessitt, Luke 18:1. 

All glory to God. Amen. Blessings. 

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